It’s Only a 25% Increase, Who Cares?

by Steve MacDonald

Another Democrat tax, another hit in the...

“It’s only a 25% Increase, who cares?” -Not NH Democrats.

By  vote of 186 to 165 the Democrat controlled New Hampshire House passed a 25% increase in New Hampshire’s fuel oil tax.  As numbers go the tax itself is not a large number, but the sum it extracts from the state economy–on the backs of families and business owners who will end up paying it–is.  The Department of Environmental services will extract an additional $453,000.00 dollars annually from if HB185 becomes law.

That is $453,000.00 fewer dollars in someone’s pockets for use on something else in the New Hampshire economy other than paying the tax increase.  And if you were wondering how the Democrat majority feels about that, a Democrat on the House floor was overheard saying this.

“It’s only a 25% increase, who cares?”

Not New Hampshire Democrats.  And why should they?  It’s not their money.


Note: Republican Senator Bob Odell is also a sponsor of the tax increase.

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Hmmm, wonder what Big Boy Bob Odell’s top 3 agenda items are for this sausage making session:
    1. Increase taxes
    2. Pretend to stand firm for freedom
    3. Go to swank cocktail parties at uber Liberatti homes in Hopkington.
    – C. dog, Rhinoplasty surgeon to the Republican stars

  • Scott Morales

    I can hear the Democrat chorus responding to Hill’s baton cue right now, in unison: “25% increase. What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  • Scott Morales

    And they also used the ol’ swap out “tax” for “fee” trick in the text. Then voila (or is it viola? Areola? Ole? Ok, definitely not, anyway.) it’s a bit harder to rise out of the grinders depths and onto the headlines. It’s only a “Fee”, not a “Tax”. Doesn’t sound of the alarms as much, because you only pay the “fee” if you’re actually going to buy the product. Which is fuel. In New England. In February. Conniving bastards.

    • C. dog e. doG

      They only learn from the best. As I recall, this was the tact Mitt took while at the helm of MA-MA Land. Seems like there would be a far more sensible alternative to this tax, say a bonding/escrow option for those who transport any number of nefarious products should they leak onto the public and private byways and highways, and adjoining properties. Come to think of it, shouldn’t New Hamster politicians be required to pay a clean-up tax for their brain leakage?
      – C. dog always a ponderin’ furiously

  • Van

    Another of the domoscum nickle and diming the middle class

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