I. Want. This. Video. To. Go. Viral.

by Tim Condon

With this GG posting, I’m doing something different: Normally my posts go out to a list of like-minded libertarian and conservatives; it is part of a branching communication network which his helping to replace the former MSM information monopoly. But the video below is so important, and so well done, that non-conservatives and non-libertarians should all be invited to watch it. So kindly send this along to all your non-conservative friends and non-libertarian friends. It is extremely important. See:

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  • Chris P. Bacon

    Good video. I was kinda disappointed that we didn’t get any quotes from King Jesus, or a sermon from the patronizing Patriot.

    Hey Tim, thanks for clearing up a question i had. “Like -minded Librarians and conservatives”. Huh….i hardly know a real libertarian. Most so called libertarians are only liberatarian on certain issues where they do not want the government involved in any way in the issues that are important and pertain to them. If the issue is something they disagree with, well then, they are just as willing to take away someone else’s rights using big Nanny to get it done as any libtard. Can’t really say too much about what conservatives stand for….who really knows.

    Sounds like Judeo/Christian to me. Jews don’t even believe in Jesus, and the ones who do believe he existed don’t believe he was the messiah. In addition the two religions disagree on enough points to write a book bigger then the bible. In fact, some have been written. Politiks does indeed make strange bedfellows. Sounds a little fairy ish to me.

    • Another response: “Why do gun people say that these new laws would disarm the people. The only things they are saying is, better background checks, assault rifle ban and no magazines over 10 shots. Keep the pistols, keep the other rifles. And I don’t buy that if you let the government do this it will eventually lead to them taking our guns away. By the way, the video was a bunch of self pandering crap. Extrapolating things out to fit what he wants, for example the Aurora killer chose Aurora because people can’t have concealed weapons. Come on. Usually when people say nutty or stupid things out loud you can hear how ridiculous the speaker sounds. This guy was able to keep a steady voice. That either took a lot of takes or he is the scary one.”

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