How Teachers Unions Hurt Schools

by Steve MacDonald

Prager Universitie’s latest great video is “How Teachers Unions Hurt Schools.” I’m in a hurry so  I’ll just snag some context from Breitbart for now:

” ‘How Teachers Unions Hurt Schools is narrated by Stanford Professor Terry Moe.   Moe explains how the Obama administration’s admissions that the education system is broken contradict their pro-union stance. “Union power has created insurmountable problems for effective schools,” says Moe. The unions, says Moe, are created to forward the interests of its members, and “these are simply not the same as the interests of children.”

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    “Prager Universitie”?!?!? As in DENNIS PRAGER?!?!? LOL!!!!!!!!

    Nice try using the “French” spelling of “university” – but it still does nothing to lend this clip credibility. I mean, it’s got DENNIS PRAGER’S name attached to it LOL!!!!!!

    • C. dog e. doG

      Plus, we got all the evidence we need about the deleterious effects of teacher unions right here at Grok …
      – C. dog dropping sub-tle, nuanced tidbits for hunters to track

      • coati-boy

        C. Dog, I have to admit- I miss you over at this site’s polar opposite.

        • nhsteve

          Stay here and get all the C.Dog you can handle.

          • coati-boy

            I’d stay here if you guys could just relax a bit

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Groksters are just passionate Sir Coati, and there are not too many…err..any real disenting voices here as the hammer gets dropped quickly. Plus they are stuck in a deep freeze 6 months a year!! My goal is to bring a little warmth to the conversation. It’s fun.

        • C. dog e. doG

          Ditto, coati-boy, nay, coati-man! Chrispy and I are wistful at times for days past slamming lobs and lobbing slams. But talk about serious! The Pooh-bahs pulling the string to the e-guillotine thought so highly of their lofty positions, and the faulty pilings upon which they rested, that they just couldn’t handle a couple of certified clowns … and down came the ax. C’est la vie, c’est la mort.

          The rules here are way simpler, and administered without a Lib/Con bias: Adult themed, child friendly. And even the latter has quite a bit of latitude, even though Chrispy loses sight of the line so I have to go rescue him. (He likes to say naught words about tidbits a lot, I think it’s his preacher-boy upbringing haunting his adult pupae personification.)

          As with Tree Huggies, the Grok writers here are serious a good deal of the time (they kinda half to be), but they do have their fun side which they expose with aplomb and flair from time to time. Also, you can’t accuse them of being party animals as they go after RINO’s and Establishment pols with sadistic gusto.

          All that said, you could certainly present your alternative takes on issues you find interesting/entertaining. Crispy does all the time, and I’ve been know to spar from time to time on issues of vice and State matrimony. Granted, a lot of talk right now is about gun rites ‘cuz of calls for gun sacrifices before Big Gov alters. But there are forays into your green neck of the woods. Pick and choose the battle in which you want to engage – they won’t kick you out except for the most egregious of e-transgressions.
          – C. dog wants altered minds to play with

          • granitegrok

            Greater love hath no Dog than this than to label his “people” as having “sadistic gusto”! Yee-Haw!

            I try to allow leeway on the written syllables here, Coati, but I do have to reel in folks from time to time on their choices (in fact, there’s a comment out there by Hunter Dan I’ll be doing a brush back on later).

            Let fly with the topics and take the stand you wish – but as C. alludes to, we will challenge the premise from our Conservative w/small “L” libertarian viewpoints – after all that IS what we do here and after all, that is who we are. We can disagree agreeably mostly (if the premise is presented that way) or we can let the fur fly as we put on our spiked collars.

            You’ll get used to us – we do try to be consistent (and yes, you can laugh and taunt us when we’re not)!


    But while we’re on the subject of “entities which have an inordinately large controlling influence on society” . . . when are you guys gonna do a story on the Pope quitting???

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Holy Hell!! The only thing bigger would be Jesus quitting!! i wonder if he is trying to appease God so he doesn’t put the whack out on us with that big meteor heading our way?

      cpb- There are no athiests in meteor craters.

      • IWKAGGP

        LOL! OK God . . . you can have me . . . but save the little people from your cosmic bowlin’ ball!

        • Chris P. Bacon

          Speakin’ of, do they still have Candlestick Bowling in NE? It is the only place in the half the world i’ve been to that did. We always went bowling every friday night with those little balls!!

      • coati-boy

        There’s also no Mormons, Amish, baptists, etc. …just singed protoplasm.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Last I recall, the pope only carries a staff, whereas the Union thugs have the force of guns behind them; biiiiiig difference, or as you VerteMonters prefer: différence.
      – C. dog recalibrating conversations where’er he walks with his big stick

    • nhsteve

      Carly Pope gave up acting?


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