Here we go again – immigration time

by Skip

“Neither side trusts the other. In the case of immigration the sides are not really the Republicans and the Democrats, but rather our pro-amnesty, post-American elites, on the one hand, and the public, on the other. The public doesn’t believe the elites accept Israel’s right to exist America’s right to enforce its sovereignty, and the elites don’t believe the public will abandon the settlements its opposition to amnesty. So a limited deal, that gives each side a little of what they want, is more viable and might then serve as the basis for further action in the future.”

illegal alien signThe other Groksters may have other takes on the issue of illegal immigration and the illegal aliens, but in my mind, the above passage from The Corner concerning those that have crossed our borders violating our laws and sovereignty seems to put me in “the public” category.  For this, I have been called a Nativist, a xenophobe, a bigot – and those are the nicer ones.   I like my country – no, I love my country.  Sure, there are wrongs to be righted but becoming a “open borders country” is not one of them (a sovereign country has the right AND the responsibility to protect its borders for its citizens).  No longer following the Rule of Law is not one of them either – we are all equal before the law and Citizens are right to demand that they be enforced.

This whole thing of “immigration reform” has nothing to do with actual immigration – instead, this is pure politics through and through with the two Parties acting like Wolves seeing a herd of sheep thinking “they should be mine – how do I bring them to ME and not the other Wolf?”.  Rule of Law?  Protecting Citizens?  Devaluing what Rights and privileges that Citizens have?  Important to the public but not to those that see a voting block inbound – a way to Power, nothing less.

Politics is the art of the compromise, or so I’m told.  Problem is, how often are our bedrock values pushed to the side as politicians can be seen as ‘Getting Stuff Done” or “We’re Solving a Problem Here!”?  I’m quite sure, with Democrats all hepped up to amnesty EVERYBODY (“welcome to the Democrat Party – look at the goodies you can help us get for you!”), they have no compunction in asking about “Is this the right thing” from a “how can you NOT want to help them?  Yo, social worker, git over here with your forms!”.  Given that the Republicans can’t find the spine on a medical skeleton, they’ll go along if for no other reason than to keep the Media on their side (Delusion #1) and not have the Democrats accusing them of xenophobia (Delusion #2).  They think “give a little, get a little”.  Problem is, Progressives are not playing politics, they are playing religion.

One of their sacraments IS that all illegals that come here should be allowed to stay and given full rights – and that attitude screams “Illegal aliens are better than Citizens” – they won’t say that but that’s what their actions say.  After all, nothing says Disrespect faster than putting those seeking LEGAL immigration status than putting those that have broken our laws from the get go.  The Elites on both sides of the aisle deny this vociferiously, but the fact that they are talking amnesty (albeit, with careful use of other words) means exactly granting a general amnesty in bit-sized pieces.

When both sides are yelling “It’s For The Children!”, hang on to your shorts because that’s what they’re grabbing for.

What do we lose from the actions of these “We know better what best for you” elites (the PERFECT definition of Progressives)?

  • It tells illegal alien parents “Come – and your children will have a better life NO MATTER HOW THEY GET HERE”
  • Heck,some are fine in charging other citizens’ kids more for tuition even though they are legal Citizens (just from other States).
  • It tells the country that we do not value our own borders.
  • It tells citizens that those that should not be here can break the Law and be rewarded for it (you chumps)
  • It tells children that parents are no longer responsible for them

It also, in my mind, sends the message that in this case, there is no responsibility placed on the parents for doing an illegal act.  The exact opposite is true – they are being rewarded.

So a limited deal, that gives each side a little of what they want, is more viable and might then serve as the basis for further action in the future.

At what cost to our fundamentals?  Ask yourself – how many times have we “done” amnesty?  And how many times was it “the last one?  What is the impact on our heritage of believing in the Rule of Law, when each instance of amnesty is a “looking away” from it?  If our Elites are willing to push it aside, why not the rest of us?  Each time, it moves our morals just that further to the Left – moving towards a relativistic moving raft instead of the absolute fundamentals this country was founded upon.  We see that Politics, and the winning at Politics, becomes more important than is right.

Want real reform?  Go back to the way it was in 1965 before Teddy changed it and before we had a huge welfare State.  Individuals were responsible for being teir mentors and sponsors and had the responsibility to see that the newcomers, from wherever, pulled their weight and assimilated.  Nowadays, with multiculturalism, I doubt we are a melting pot – something that Democrats are OK with their mastery of Identity Politics?  American?  Nope, that’s just the second word of a hyphenated status.

More later.

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