Guns can’t be banned in America…right?

by Tim Condon


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  • mer


  • I was just reading about some municipalities trying to pass laws for confiscation during a state if emergency. Very bad idea. If order has broken down, citizens need to defend themselves more than ever, and never, ever hand over guns to “law enforcement”.

    First remind them of their oath and “invite” them to leave you alone, then tell them to leave, and finally enforce their departure.

    • C. dog e. doG

      What kinda tea have you been drinking:-)?

      • Only the best British tea 🙂

        Unless the citizen has committed a felony, the presumption of innocence must apply, and thus law enforcement can have no legitimate reason to seek/take a citizen’s guns without a written complaint or warrant.
        Turning that around, we cannot presume them to be innocent if they
        try to take guns without constitutionally valid due process.

        • Don

          You don’t sound like someone who has been drinking the British Tea. 🙂

          • allen

            he must have some of the really OLD tea. the modern stuff suppresses non-collective thinking like that.

  • It is getting to the point where all talk is exhausted. We understand the motivation and the MO of progressives in our country and it will never change. I do not hope it comes to the biggest kids on the block come to blows but when over half the country has it’s backs pushed against the wall, it will come out swinging. Obviously, they know confiscation is impossible but they will tax and regulate up the kazoo and make it near impossible for ownership which technically is the same thing. I do know this, all of the posturing and press releases are intentional and provocative with the purpose of setting off the pressure cooker to justify more extreme measures.

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