“Gun Control has Racist Roots” … Wait. What? Part II

by Skip

Grokster Scott’s post was not what I was expecting and certainly the folks in the video were speaking their hearts.  But in putting up some of the quotes, I think he missed one – and the one that makes the most importance, so I transcribed it.  Rev. William Owens Jr., Founder, “God, Guns and the Constitution” start speaking at 2:07 (and ends the clip) has the following to say (emphasis mine):

This Administration is far from the truth. The agenda is becoming more and more obvious to all, that it’s a distraction. It’s a reason, an excuse to carry out an ideology that is more evident every day, every week that goes by, that it is anti-American. And when you touch the Second Amendment, you can’t become more anti-American because America would not be without her guns. And guns would not be necessary without her God.

We call upon Americans, both black, white, Hispanic; Republicans, Democrats, Independents and even those that are not of our faith to agree upon this: without God, without guns, without the Constitution, America’s end will come with haste.

For when they change our Constitution, they will take our guns. And when they take our guns, they will also seek to take our God. That’s when America will fight back.

All of what the Reverend says is true.  Read that last paragraph, for that is what Obama and his Progressive perps are in the process of doing.  Wilson, TDR (at the end), FDR, LBJ – Progressives all and made no secret at all that the principle reason for the Constitution was to limit people like them.  Is the fence of the Constitution standing like an armored wall, or more like a bulging fence whose bottom is being pushed out more and more?

they will also seek to take our God” – We see Obama and his cohort actively in the act of redefining the the First Amendment‘s protection of religion: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”.  With his push for the HHS mandate, he is “prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.  Listen to to him on this topic – it is NEVER the free expression (which means that your belief is an integral part of your life – not just in the pew, not just in the church, but in every day and in every action of the week.  Instead, it is “freedom to worship” – which puts a concertina wire fence around our beliefs with a sign that says “God only exists within these four walls”.   According to Obama’s actions and his policies (and not his words to the contrary), once you walk out your church’s door, it closes – and you enter his Progressive Secular Humanism church where all things stem, not from God, but from Government.

And this will only be the beginning.  Tyranny of belief?

they will take our guns” – We see Obama and his cohort actively in the act of redefining the Second Amendment‘s  protection of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed“.  They are trying to redfine this to mean that you, with their permission, will be “allowed” to have only certain firearms under highly restrictive conditions – by the definition of the word, they are “infringing” – pushing the box inward more and more and reducing the its space.  Space?  The space in which we can exercise our Right – which is to protect ourselves against a tyrannical Government.

they change our Constitution” – We see Obama and his cohort passing legislation to make decision making entities, like the Consumer Protection Bureau and the IPAB, that are beyond the accountability of the Congress, have their own funding sources, and rulings that have the force of law – this is not the Founders’ version of a Constitutional Republic.  In fact, actions like this, actions that are changing our lifestyles, our industries, the enjoyment of the blessings that God has given us, the food we can eat, the doctors we can see, the cars we can drive, the houses we can build, the PJs we can buy, and the thoughts and beliefs we are supposed to have, can we not say that Progressives are well along in perfecting their Progressive Administrative State – which is not a Democracy (less a Republic).  And then they will truly turn to “perfecting” us in their image.

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