Guest Post – NH State Rep Jane Cormier “Just a FEW of the MANY Taxes We Pay…”

by Skip

  Income Tax     Property Tax:  
  Corporate Income Tax       Town Property
  Social Security       Town School Education
  Medicaid       State Education
  Capital Gains       County
  Marriage Tax Penalty     Inheritance & Estate  
  Workers Compensation     Business Profit  
        Meal & Rental Tax  
        Electric Consumption Tax  
        Meals & Rental Tax  
        Real Estate Transfer  
        (And there are many more….)  

“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” Vladimir Lenin

On February 6, the NH House of Representatives voted on CACR 1, a bill which would have allowed citizens to vote on this constitutional amendment. CACR 1 basically declared a 3/5 majority vote in the NH House would be necessary to pass any legislation imposing new or increased taxes or license fees on the citizenry or to authorize the issuance of state bonds. (Might it be, if we shut down the spigot for a while, the “powers that be” may actually have to budget in a fiscally sound manner as do so many of NH citizens? Might the “powers that be” actually need to seek consensus before forcing citizens to pay increased fees or taxes that THEY deem appropriate? Might it be, if we have to have a majority vote before raising taxes or fees, the budgeting may be more transparent and streamlined?) Of course, the answer is yes to all those questions. Unfortunately, many of our state representatives did not agree. CACR 1 was voted Inexpedient to Legislate (which just means “kill the bill”) by a vote of 206 to 149.

Now, if you like to pay taxes, then this vote was for you. But, if you think taxes are out of control, then CACR 1 being voted down by our legislature was not a positive thing. God forbid we allow the PEOPLE to vote on whether a 3/5 majority vote in the NH House should be necessary before raising our taxes, especially in this Titanic of an economy. As the new taxes and fees will soon begin flowing, it is crucial you make your voices heard to your legislators both state and federal. WE MUST STOP THIS EXCESSIVE TAXATION!

 Just a note, you can go online at to look up all kinds of information regarding your representatives’ voting, upcoming bills, etc. Take the time to stay informed and share your knowledge with others. Don’t be shy to express your concern. None of us can sit back any longer and let the chips fall where they may. We need to become active, educated, and participatory in our government. We are all in this together after all!

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