Guest Post by NH State Rep. Jane Cormier – Honor is the Only Way Out of This Mess!

by Skip

Since becoming involved in Republican politics back after the 2006 elections where the Republicans first got mauled (for not understanding and standing up for what they used to say they were), I have said, over and over again, that elected Republicans needed to stay engaged with the local media outlets – write the guest columns, write the Letters to the Editor, and write the commentary.  Scared of their own shadows and whatever political beliefs they held, none of the Establishment Old Guard bothered to do so (with the possible exception of doing so RIGHT before the election – just like some politicians that come to the Belknap County Republican meeting one meeting before Nov. 6th and one meeting afterwards – with the latter being mostly optional).   Let’s not get Democrats riled up, eh?  How’d that work out fer ya?

It has been very refreshing that I see folks that I am dubbing the New Conservative Republicans willing to stand up and do such – NH State Rep. and Belknap County Convention Chair Colette Worseman, NH State Reps Bob Greemore and Herb Vadney and some others.  Finally, folks willing to answer back the Democrats instead of cowardly shivering in their shelters or retreating from the field of ideological battle (for make no mistake, the Democrats are even more ideologically based than many people with Rs after their names).  Now I also get to add freshman NH State Rep Jane Cormier to the mix with this guest post that is also appearing in the Weirs Times:

Honor is the Only Way Out of This Mess!  
(With a good dose of Conservatism, of course…)

Rep. Jane Cormier

As a newly elected member of the NH House of Representatives, (Belknap District 8 including the towns of Alton, Barnstead, and Gilmanton), I would like to introduce myself to you, the readers of the Weirs Times.  I have long loved this local newspaper for its honesty and integrity.  Each week, the Weirs Times offers a conservative platform which is reminiscent of former President Reagan and his definition of conservatism: “The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority and more individual freedom…”.  How true.  But, as a dedicated conservative, I also know personal honor is central in true conservatism.  Without honor and integrity, especially from those who serve us in political office, our republic is doomed to fail.  Honor is what makes us better as a nation and a people.  Together, conservatism and honor are an unbeatable team.  In my humble opinion, Republicans will start winning elections again when we embrace these two ideals.  But, that is a discussion for another day.
In any case, entering the political arena was quite a change for me.  Wife, mom of two, former opera singer, and Director of a small non-profit organization are not necessarily the skill set required to join the world of politics.  But, feeling rather disgusted with the politics at my county and local level, I decided to push ahead and throw my hat into the proverbial ring.  And what a journey it has been…

Considering myself more conservative than Republican, I campaigned with a sign which said “Conservative”.  I was rather dismayed when my party chairman asked me to take  “Conservative” off my sign.  The reason was that “no other Republican has that on their sign”. Ah, well – I decided to keep Conservative on my sign, as it seemed the honorable thing to do.  Conservative describes who I am.  I freely admit to being a Republican by default.  But, I also know there are many, many people out there who feel just the same way.  Maybe it is not the politically correct thing to admit, but I didn’t become involved to be “political”.  Telling the
truth is difficult enough.

Being only a “freshman”, who has already been told by a member of my own party, I “should keep my mouth shut and learn”,  (hmmm – I am too old to change now), I am absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to write a column for the Weirs Times detailing some informative and interesting stories for you to read each week.  While I have no desire to be a cowardly bomb thrower, I do think we are desperately in need of honest dialogue without fear.  We need to talk in unabashed truth to each other about what is happening here in New Hampshire and beyond.  Consider me a “Town-Crier” of sorts.  I like that much better than politician.

I look forward to offering some important information regarding upcoming bills in the NH House as well as happenings in our local government.  Many will not relish what I will offer, but perhaps others will be motivated to be active in their own arena of politics.  If I can do it, YOU can too!  After all, it is OUR government and we have to be involved to keep others from taking our government from us.  That is the only reason I am now active within this daunting world of politics.  And, who knows how long this adventure will last?  Being a “Town- Crier” can be a lonely task.  But, I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

As you can see, she is no shrinking violet and not one to mince words – I love it!  Enough of the old “don’t make waves” mentality that only ended up as “and get nothing done, either”. Loud and Proud ma’am – we’ll have your six.

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