Get “far away from the USA…its collapse will be messy”

by Tom

AR-15 Personal Defense Weapon

We all know it and see it – the deficit, the debt, Fed Quantitative Easing, the burgeoning Socialism of America.  If you are like me, you might be taking some modest steps toward living (surviving) a post-economic collapse.  Or, you may not be.

Some think it unthinkable, some see pending doom. I’m in the middle; hopeful but pragmatic…and preparing.

Listen to what Canada’s Jeff Berwick, the Dollar Vigilante, has to say aboot this topic.  Soory, he’s now a Chilean…and he’s selling plots in his new venture (and people are buying).

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  • Frank

    I would caution anyone considering dealing with TDV. I recommend extreme due diligence. There are two other expat developments in Chile; both reputable and trustworthy.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Don’t be so coy, roy, or Frank. In fact, be frank, Frank. Whazzzup with TDV and the other Chilly developments?
      – C. dog wavering on Free The Hamsters

      • Tim from Nashua

        C. dog, If your barter system is up and running, you can disregard the Chilly advise. 😉

        • C. dog e. doG

          Ya, in Skip latest Tree Huggie post I mention the Chilly Galt’s Gulch is a little outta my price range. That’s why I advocate we essentially accomplish same, but on a slightly grander scale by converting the State of New Hamsters into one comprised of fully functioning adults, replete with a free port and fully functioning consequences for stupid behavior and decisions. Right there I eliminate about 99% of Grate State excess.
          – C. dog preparing to fully engage in beautiful black market with no invisible socially-contracted safety net

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