“Free Staters told to set clock for 2015”

by Tim Condon

The Free State Project emblem

The Free State Project emblem

There’s a fascinating story in today’s Union Leader about the Liberty Forum just put on by the Free State Project in Nashua this weekend. It seems that the current President of the Free State Project, Carla Gierke, fully expects that New Hampshire will be welcoming 20,000 liberty activists by 2018 at the latest.

(Come and join us!)

As usual, the battle is joined in the comments section at the end of the article, and is fascinating. Well worth reading!

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    “Anarchy is a plausible idea because it’s how most people live anyway.” This is just about the most asinine, abhorrent statement I’ve ever heard anyone make. The person who said this is a free stater. Apparently he’s never heard of things like faith, love, compassion, caring, selflessness, friendship, charity, etc, etc. His must be a lonely, pointless existence.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Abhorrent? Really Flute Boy? Abhorrent like dominating, suffocating, ruthless governments (your pick)? Abhorrent like one set of rules for the ruling class, another altogether for the plebes, you know, like paying taxes and flexibility in where one sends their children to skool, like that kinda abhorrent? Me thinks thou dost protest too much ‘cuz your cushy monopoly rent position might be less than secure. There’s always Verte Montagne!
      – C. dog spelling it out in simple terms so even a music teacher can read between the lines

      • IWKAGGP

        If there were ever REAL anarchy, most of you grok-heads would be the first casualties. You don’t know what real anarchy is like – no one in this country does. It’s easy to say “we live under anarchy now” – it’s also easy to say, “the earth is flat” or “the moon is made of cream cheese” or “Mitt Romney won the election” but just because you say it – or type it on your little bliggidy-blog – doesn’t make it so.

        • granitegrok

          None of us have experienced true anarchy. Watching the news, however, you can see small and large instances of it and in each case, you either have a mob or a “strong man” mentality. You are either subsumed into the mob, become a subject of the “strong man”, or you die.

          Am not sure that we’d be among the first casualties, but why would you say such?

        • C. dog e. doG

          Actually, Flute-boy, I never took the position that we are in anarchy, especially here in the habitrails of New Hamster. Surely, there are some pockets within Uncle Sammy’s domain that are approaching this lofty status (as understood by most vs. the completely different anarcho-capitalism or anarcho-libertarianism). Detroit comes to mind, along with areas of L.A., Oakland, etc. where police no longer effectively enforce the most basic of laws, and you get what Skip describes.

          Now for the quiz portion of my post: what predominant form of government exists currently across our fruity plains and purple pointy mountains? (No cheating by looking at my former exhaustive posts on this matter) And please show your work to score partial credit.

          I assume by your choice not to respond to my rejoinder that you agree “abhorrent” was a bit of reach on your part regarding someone advocating for non-mob anarchy. I suggest you take a few deep breaths the next time you read something along these lines – Mitt Man wining the election, cream-cheese moon, really?
          – C. dog patrolling the psyche ward with heavy sedation “medicine”

          • IWKAGGP

            Our Govt. is a type of Democracy known as representative republic. It is a blend of capitalist and socialist elements – as are all Democracies, past and present.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Wrong, well maybe on paper that’s what it’s touted as, but we all know what happens to paper over time: it becomes devalued. A blend of capitalist and socialist elements is also known as … C’mon, Flute-boy, I know you can do it!
            – C. dog watering the community kindergarden

          • IWKAGGP

            You’re wrong, dog. I gave you the definition. You claimed it was false, albeit “true on paper” whatever that means. Yet you yourself can’t give me a definition of what it is. That’s because my answer was the correct answer and you just want to blow smoke up people’s asses.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Oh what feeble minds music teachers must have. For if you were to harken back to days of yore, when the ill mannered mutt was allowed to roam more or less freely across the unprinted pages of New Hamster’s #1 fish wrapper – the illustrious, the ignominious Concord Moronitor! – you would recall my extended discourse with the guppy from Dover on this very topic. The key to unlock your mind from that which you have been spoon fed to that which stares you in the face can best be prodded by two latino phrases: de facto, de jure.

            Who knows, Flute-boy, you might even learn somefin today. For extra credit, connect one of these phrases back to my earlier paper-thin reference. I’ll leave the posterior smoke-blowing to you and your government teachers’ cabal … or is it a coven?
            – C. dog threading the tendrils of his machinations through the chaotic clutter of liberal thoughts

    • allen

      most people DO live under anarchy. we set our own rules, which for the most part, are the normal rules we all live by. just because the speed limit sign says 35, and you do 38..you don’t get a ticket, and you don’t turn yourself in.

      welcome to anarchy. you live under it and you don’t even know it.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Is that EST or daylight savings?

  • Don

    Twenty thousand Freestaters will be like a cup of water from an ocean as compared to the hundreds of thousands who have flocked here from the Communistwealth over the last forty years. Well, at least they are not communists…

    • C. dog e. doG

      Or a breath of fresh air.
      – C. dog with arms wide open and the cabin light on

  • <—Likes Liberty Loving Free Staters but isn't crazy about Ron Paul Zombies.

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