First do no harm? Guess who is watching.very.closely

by Skip

Obamacare -Year of the SnakeWe all thought that individuals were going to be the first that were going to get snake-bit by Obamacare as for the first time in history, the Federal Government (under the control of Progressives) are going to force individuals to purchase a product from private company simply for breathing.  Yet, as Steve pointed out yesterday, it is the doctors that are going to take the first hits.  Before it was passed, many folks pointed out the flaw for patients – tens of millions of new patients but no new Docs on the way in sufficient numbers to handle the onslaught.

Mark my words, as the situation gets worse when the Obamanauts discover that the technique of calling pigs roses doesn’t work when talking about doctors, they ARE going to circle back to “talk” with certain docs – especially those that have made the decision to not take Obamacare patients due to lowered payment (and probably have already refused Medicare patients due to losing money on them).  It has been done in other countries – I am betting that some kinds of persuasion would be applied to have them help.

(H/T: Powerline)

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