Finally, Answers to the Benghazi Questions

by Scott Morales

What the hell? I’ve been swamped this passed week and haven’t been able to pay attention to the world as closely as I should. I just ran ocular first into this Washington Time’s headline: “White House: All questions answered on Benghazi attack

Keine Schiesse!

So, where was Obama? Was he calling the shots? Was he in touch with the people on the ground as the embassy was attacked? What about when he went to Vegas for the fundraiser when the embassy was burning, how did he manage the communications from there?

Why wasn’t there more security on the ground after a hole was blown open in the compound wall a few weeks prior?

Who dropped the ball for not thinking that 9/11 is a very significant date and security should be strengthened or our ambassador temporarily recalled?

What was the reason for staying after the Brits and the Red Cross pulled out?

When ambassador Stevens was missing, where was Obama was he still in Vegas? Did he win at the slots or blackjack? How much cash did his campaign net as Stevens was murdered? What were his directives and to whom? And were they carried out?

Who were the survivors, what are there names and what did they have to say? Where are the interviews?

Where was Hillary, was she in touch with the people on the ground as it happened?

I can go on, but it would probably save a lot of time if someone provides a link in the comments.

Google’s oblique interface has me befuddled, bewildered, confused and confounded and I’m not able to find any of these answers using the internet machine. (Now I know how Shawn Millerick feels.) I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. The White House said that all the questions on Benghazi were answered.  And surely they wouldn’t be styling mendacious on something like this…would they?

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