Er, aren’t you part of the problem, sir?

by Skip

Presumably, a sense of decorum kept senators and representatives from rolling in the aisles in laughter when the president uncorked this line: “The greatest nation on Earth cannot keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next.

I had a bunch of tweets during SOTU on a bunch of things, but I missed these bon mots from Obama.  Does he truly believe that we are ALL that stupid not to think that he hasn’t had the ringside seat next to the bell in all this?  Is he all that arrogant to believe that the Community Organizer schtick works here?  Do we give him the Chutzpah-in-Chief title now?     Yeah, I know – it got him re-elected but still does he think that he no longer even has to hide it?

A natural disaster is not a manufactured crisis.  Another country or actor attacking us is not a manufactured crisis (generally speaking).  However, manufacturing a crisis is a specialty of Community Organizers – it is who they are and what they do.  If no crisis exists, they DO manufacture one – for they have no other tools with which to get things done.  While a lot of Progressives worship the grass he floats over (at least in his mind), I do look at the hard numbers – unemployment, annual deficits, national debt, uncertainty, national malaise, turning traditions upside down for no reason, what used to be good is now bad, morality is whatever someone else says it is, and everyone is conscripted to serve the needs of anyone else that demands it.

The political realm is perfect for the manufactured crisis of which he speaks.  The problem for the rest of us is, like I mentioned above, he has created one crisis after another in what used to be off limits – civil society and all of them to serve the political realm and to the Progressive ends.

He has been the one to provoke the fights and demonize all who have crossed him – and now he maintains that he has had nothing to do with it.

(H/T: The Corner)


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