Email Doodlings – thoughts on Republicans & HB617 from a reader

by Skip

All kinds of emails come into the Inbox – right now, it can run 300 to 500 per day and I can’t get to them all, or if I do, the sheer volume of stuff just gives me a case of induced ADD (and with TMEW, the Eldest, & the Youngest medically diagnosed with ADHD, I KNOW ADD).  This one did catch and hold my attention (emphasis mine) – it shows that it isn’t just me saying this stuff.  NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn, are you listening?  Here’s a person (take them as a real example) that MIGHT be more positive about the Republican Party if it would just keep its word and be Consistent in how it applies what it says it believes in.


You don’t know me, but I am an originalist constitutional conservative, not a Republican, who happens to live in [Grok Witness Protection Program] in the formerly conservative state of New Hampshire. I run in a circle that includes [redacted to protect the guilty] and [redacted to protect the semi-guilty], another participant with the program. We have discussed HB 617 on the air and in emails. When I learned of the committee vote, I accused the emailer of the information of not having his facts straight. He then proceeded to straighten me out by sending me a detailed account of the vote.

Jennifer Horn has a steep hill to climb. The Republicans think that Democrat lite is the way to salvation and the way to correct a poor image. They want to be Bob Michels, if you remember that scum bag from Illinios. The vote on HB617 proves my point and illustrates why I will have nothing to do with the Party. I do support individual Republican candidates who are conservative enough and demonstrate some knowledge of the two Constitutions and the role of the states, as intended by the Founders. Rand Paul is one of those guys, as are Ted Cruz and Louis Ghomert.

The Democrat administration of our affairs is based on Progressive/Marxist doctrine. It can end only in bankruptcy. The Republicans need to stop worrying about image and what others are saying. They need to do the right thing. That more than a dozen of them on that committee don’t even know right from wrong shows why the Party is in ruins and can’t draw support from people like me.

But it’s not – and this is your Job #1 in order to get more voters to put more Republican  butts into elected seats.  So simple, it just might work, eh?  Another email added:

…Republicans worry way too much about what others think, instead of about what is correct.  I view the battle as most likely lost, by the way. The 51 % are too foolish to see the error in the way we are governed. We as a country have lost our virtue. We chose to ignore what works, in fact we now condemn it. Freedom is too scary for most sheep.

This country is due for one hell of a fall. I don’t intend to lift a finger to stop it. “ I told you so” and “ If you had listened, you could have avoided this catastrophe” are good enough for me. I don’t compromise with tyrants or their supporters. The fools are going to be mighty sheepish when they learn what the truth actually is.

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