Datapoint: Jersey Doughboy Grabs His Slice Of The Pie; Loses Big

by Mike

Girth Fanboy, Jersey Doughboy, the names are big, but the ratings are slimming fast!

Girth Fanboy, Jersey Doughboy, the names are big, but the ratings are slimming fast!

From cozying up to Obama, to taking the King’s Shilling of expanded Medicaid funding, to seeking pork-laden “Sandy Relief”, to being sympathetic toward gun control….

NJ Governor Chris Christie, considered a rising star as recently as the GOP convention in August, seems to have abandoned the conservative base who helped elect him and HAD once harbored hopes of a presidential run. The NRO poll tells the story, and the snub from the organizers of CPAC adds insult to injury, with an inside source claiming that “he has a limited future in the Republican party” OUCH!Christie-Obama

Hat Tips to
WSJ’s Political Diary: Jersey Doughboy
National Review: No CPAC Invite for Christie.

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    SO?!?!?!?!?! Chris Christie is a tough, no-nonsense, independent Republican who represents his party’s best shot at the White House in 2016. that laundry list of reasons why the tea-party/free-state/libertarian crowd hates him now could also be described as reasons why the rest of America(i.e. the MAJORITY of America) thinks he’s an ok guy and would vote for him.

    And it’s very telling that numero uno on your list of “reasons why we despise a guy whom we so recently worshipped” is “cozying up to Obama.” Why didn’t you just say, “OMG, Christie TOUCHED Obama! Oh no, that mean’s he’s probably got some BLACK on him now!”

    Skin color doesn’t rub off, guys. But racism is hard to hide.

  • Tim from Nashua

    The recipe for DemocRat Election: Set up a RINO to win the Republican primaries by having the DemocRat LapDog Media prop him up (and tear down his opponents), then turn upon that RINO in the general election. The DemocRat LapDog Media is setting up their (dough)boy for his part in the Kabuki Dance.


      Plus, he touched Obama, so he must be black now.

      • C. dog e. doG

        Actually, only half black. Oddly, everyone keeps forgetting about his mum in the Midwest. Wunder why? Wunder how that happened?
        – C. dog musing on the mechanics of racial divides to effect political ambitions

        • IWKAGGP

          No, I get that he’s half-black. He’s also HALF-WHITE! But that still doesn’t stop some folks from wanting to distance themselves from him simply because of his race . . . or is it race(s)?

          • C. dog e. doG

            Wrong. There is no distancing from those of like mind in the foxholes. Not surprisingly, you confuse race with race-baiters, and the second-rate politiks they shill.
            – C. dog

          • nhsteve

            I’m an equal opportunity Conservative. I dislike Marxists of all shades. Obama is a Marxist. He can be green and touch whomever he wants…he is still a Marxist.

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