Data Point – 8 Worst ROI college degrees

by Skip

A few years ago, I was horrified that a young lady had gone to an Ivy League school, a very expensive school, simply to get an early childhood education degree (think: daycare teacher).  She was in tears (in the article, that is) over the fact that the money she could earn with that very expensive B.A. degree couldn’t pay enough to live on AND pay her college debt (at the time, hourly wage was about $9.50 for a starting position).  Moral of the story: unless you are financially independent, you need to understand the economics of your degree (as opposed to “any learning is worth the cost” mentality of recruiters / financial aid planners). has the worst degrees in this regard:

8) Sociology

7) Fine Arts

6) Education (Daycare, Elementary, High School)

5) Religious Studies / Theology (Religious Educator, Chaplin – Healthcare, Associate Pastor)

4) Hospitality / Tourism (Meeting/Event Planner, Hotel Resident Manager, Catering Manager)

3) Nutrician (Dietician, Food Service Manager,  Food Scientist)

2) Psychology (Human Services Worker, Career Counselor – Higher Education, Bereavement Coordinator)

1) Communications (Copywriter, News Reporter, Marketing Coordinator)

They have commentary on each – go read them and how they figured what for which (including annual salary average and lifetime earnings).

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  • Scott Morales

    Degrees are not for everyone that’s for sure. I know some very talented tradesmen that make a good living and like to work with their hands. And, will always have work… well until we collapse, so until June… anyway. And I’m a bit ambivalent myself. I have a degree in a completely unrelated field as the area in which I work. But, I’m appreciative daily for all of the exposure to literature, philosophy, poetry, and music that college provided. However, if I had to do it at these outrageous prices, I think I’d pass.

    • Roger that!

    • C. dog e. doG

      Bingo! Plus, many learn about a much wider array of thought once out of the confined views allowed in bastions of liberal arts. Also, don’t fret too much about those who work with their hands when the Shi’ites hit the fan; they’ll be the ones able to do much for themselves, and trade for the rest – unlike cubicle beenie babies who won’t have a clue how to fix, fabricate, grow, or lift anything other than loud, plaintive wails.
      – C. dog


    Gee, I have two degrees. Music Management(Fine Arts/business) and Education . . . I’ve been able to find work both in the private and public sector since I got out of college.

  • C. dog e. doG

    What about a few others listings for UNH departments and programs:
    1. Women studies
    2. Queer studies
    3. European Cultural studies
    4. Journalism
    5. Art History
    6. Africana studies
    7. Anthropology
    8. Community leadership …

    I bet majoring in these softy fields yields negative ROI’s as many will be back to the parchment trough later on to study something that leads to positive cash flow. And those that remain in these fields will likely become embittered with their paltry earnings, and therefore clamor for Nanny to fix it ‘cuz it isn’t fair others are making so much more, especially those who work with their hands – the uncivilized indecency of it all! Bet a bunch end up at the Department of Cultured Resources and therefore never make or do one thing their whole life that anyone voluntarily pays for.
    – C. dog on the grate circle of government


      QUEER STUDIES?!?!?! Can they call it that? Shouldn’t it be LGBTQLMNOP or something?

      • C. dog e. doG

        Surprised me too. I would have thought they’d use a more technically correct term, but alas, they went old skool, which, ironically, I consider queer.
        – C. dog

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