Chicago’s strong gun control laws…

by Tim Condon

Some of the strictest gun control laws in the U.S. in fact. So, this just in:

EAST CHICAGO (CBS) — Home from Afghanistan for just five months, 25-year-old Indiana National Guardsman Willie Cook was gunned down while shielding his two-year-old son.

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  • Scott Morales

    East Chicago borders Gary IN. I had many relatives in Gary, one remains. Last year when I was in Indiana I took the train from Portage IN. to Chicago, which goes right through East Chicago and, oddly, it winds through 1980’s Berut also. I caught a glimpse of my grandmothers former house, boarded up windows on a dilapidated, weed riven street. The trees even looked sick and war torn. It’s depressing and down right scary. I wrote about no-go zones before and this is one of them. My cousin braves it once in a while to go visit my remaining relative, and he does so only on Sat or Sun mornings because that’s the safest time. btw that area has been controlled by Dems since I’ve been alive… and it shows.

  • Whether it’s Fort Hood, or Hood-land, our finest are left defenseless against crazed killers. Thinking of which, when’s the public beheading and mutilation of ‘major’ Nidal Hassan scheduled to be screened on Al Jazeera? That would be sending a message they’d understand, maybe even ‘Grok’!

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