But can you get a Bachelor’s in both kinds of stupid?

by Susan Olsen

How green is my pasture?

How green is my pasture?








Following in the footsteps of Steve’s great post, I thought I ought to mention (if you hadn’t already heard) there is a student- advocacy organization at UNH called the Student Environmental Action Coalition pressing the university to divest itself from ‘oil and other fossil fuel’ companies.   Mimicking other non-reality-based schools, these little darlings seem to want the world to be run on nothing but clean, green, renewable energy, thus saving the world if not for their progeny (what with free contraception and all that), at least for the polar bears and unicorns. Just how much of UNH’s (2011[i]) $227 million endowment is invested in one form or another of nasty fossil fuels, I do not know.  But I’m pretty sure that none of the university’s or the town of Durham’s utilities or municipal services are currently fueled by solar, wind or fairy dust.

On the contrary, it appears as though electricity is supplied by PSNH and the NH Electric Coop; natural gas is supplied by Northern Utilities; the university has its own water system but the town runs the wastewater treatment plant and trash pickup.

Now, none of these runs without electricity, natural gas, gasoline or diesel.  Even the school’s ever-so-green garbage-to-methane gas pipeline needs electricity to runs its pumps.

Anthony Watts over at Watts Up With That muses, what would life in a typical town – like Durham and its environs  – look like if all of sudden, fossil fuels just up and disappeared?  Perhaps this  is not what the littlies at Durham are thinking but they might want to ponder some of these charming side effects as they steep in their self-righteousness.  Watts posits :

  • After elevated tanks of municipal water systems were depleted of drinking water in a few days, there would be no more water supply. This would force people to start looking for alternate sources, and we’d be back to a time when water treatment was unknown. Disease and death would follow for many as tainted water spreads disease. People with water wells would have to tear out electric pumps and install hand pumps or windmills to get water.
  • Related to the first point, toilets would be useless without water to flush them. Fecal matter disposal becomes an issue as gravity fed sewage systems eventually clog, and eventually fecal matter will end up in streams and rivers contributing to the spread of diseases much like the Great Stink in old London.
  • Garbage collection becomes a thing of the past. Garbage will be piled high in the streets.
  • People that have grid tied solar power systems would be no better off than their neighbors, because the DC to AC inverters require an AC power grid presence signal. Otherwise they shut off for safety. Some people with electrical skills might be able to rewire them, but then they’d only have electricity during daytime.
  • People who may have working solar energy might be targeted by the have-nots. They might wish they had paid attention to the Second Amendment to protect their home based energy source. People who still have gasoline in their cars trying to escape cities might find themselves victims of mob attacks as the have-nots look for the last remaining bits of energy. Mad-Max world ensues.
  • Windmill farms (that also need grid presence to operate) will stand as icons of folly, unusable, and cursed by the populace since they can’t make use of them. Eventually they’ll all look like these wind farms or fall down.
  • Radical climatologists like Mike Mann and James Hansen will no longer be able to communicate their apocalyptic visions of the future to us, since there will be no Internet or radio/TV networks or newspapers printed to disseminate their views.
  • Along the same lines, thankfully, we’d never see another episode of Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo.
  • Climate modelers like Kevin Trenberth would never be able to run another computer model telling us how hot our future apocalypse might be, since his NCAR computer is run by Wyoming coal. Likewise, NOAA’s Gaea supercomputer will be DOA since it can’t run on recycled vegetable oil.
  • Al Gore will no longer be able to jet around the world to tell us how the world will end soon if we don’t pay attention to his new book about The Future. He’ll be reduced to holing up in one of his many properties and hoping the Mad-Maxers don’t come for his solar panels.
  • Congress would be reduced to debating in hot, sweaty, non air-conditioned rooms, just like the founders of our country did at the first Continental Congress and as they did in the summer of 1988, when Dr. James Hansen and his sponsor, Senator Tim Wirth, turned off the A/C in the hearing room for effect while they sold the idea of global warming to the Senators.
  • Without air conditioning, city dwellers would truly experience the Urban Heat Island effect in the summer, that is when they weren’t scrounging for food and water, and fighting off the Mad-Maxer gangs who would take anything they could from them, including their life.
  • Wood burning to stay warm during the winter becomes all the rage again. Smoke pollution returns to cities, especially in winter.
  • Real climate refugees start streaming south from high latitude countries as people run out of fuel. Many towns in Alaska and Siberia that survive only because of regular supplies of heating oil and gasoline would be abandoned.
  • Global warming, environmentalism, politics; all would be a thing of the past, since survival trumps everything.
  • Paul Ehrlich wanders the streets near Stanford, dressed in rags shouting at people “I was right! I was right!

As Anthony says, it’s not a pretty picture but you get a little bit of the idea…..

[i] http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/university-of-new-hampshire-2589


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  • nhsteve

    Hey, the greenies could still visit the giant windmills to worship — where gangs would lie in wait to redistribute what little “wealth” they still had.

    See Greenies. Socialsim is very similar to anarchy but without all the pompous windmill-bags that go along with it. So how about we ditch the environmental socialsim before you, your “life partner,” and your one designer (adopted) child get waylayed at the shirne of the wind gods and have your innards redistribued back to mother earth.


      So now you’re saying that ALL greenies are gay and have adopted children? I thought adoption was a better alternative to abortion? Yet you make fun of the “adopters”???? I would argue that at least SOME adopters must not be gay or green.

      • nhsteve

        I hope you streatched before you made that leap, you could strain something.

        OK. First, I know heterosexual couples who call thier significaat other their “Life Partner,” “Domestic partner,” and even some other things Skip won’t let me post here. But since you brought it up, is this term “Life parnter” mutually exclusive to gays? Why can’t married, unmarried, civil, or uncivil unionists call their partner for life their life partner?

        Seems awfully narrow minded of you to just assume that by putting those two words in close proximity that I a bashing gays, particualrly since I’ve never done it–not based on theri sexual orientation; I have bashed peole who happen to be gay for supporting stupid ideas but it had nothing to do with their genitals or what they like to do with them. But feel free to waste your time searching for an example. In fact I encourage you to do so.

        Second. I’m adopted. My parents were not gay, nor were they green.
        And the mere expression of these ideas in close proximity does not by default infer absolutism. I am reasonably sure, for example, that even though we often deride liberals for trying to limit gun rights that there are liberals who will and do defend them. But we also know that liberals are less likley to have children, have fewer of them if they do (like one to pass the family fortune down to), more likey to support environmentalist theory, and that gays are more likley to be Democrats..though not all.

        • Chris P. Bacon

          Hey, good to hear you were adopted Steve, cuz among other things, abortions have never had their own blog. My Mom used to give free haircuts to the little children of half US soldier lineage in Panama back in the early 70’s. I would go play with them and she said i would give all my toys to them (i know, what a loser). Worked out good though, we got me a little brother to beat the hell out of from there 🙂

          • nhsteve

            I was born Pre-Roe, which makes me a Roe Preemie or maybe just lucky, (Born in MA circa 63, not sure if they had Abortion there back then).

            My mom was 18 and I was her second bastard. You used to be able to call them that, bastards, in fact when people call me that to this day I often say, “How did you know I was born out of wedlock?” (Now they can say…”Heck I read it on GraniteGrok you Bastard! which would make me smile.)

            Biological Grandpa–so the story goes–said there was a one-bastard limit in his house (though he may not have said it exactly like that) so off I went to the adoption mill to get scooped up by some very nice people–one Democrat and one Republican, though we never talked politics which is probably how they stayed married into their 80’s and until death did they part.

            I had no younger brothers to beat the hell out of (for the sake of context), but I did have an older brother who seems to have had at least one thing in common with you CPB 😉 and it was not giving me all his toys.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Yah, well i regret it now (beating up my little brother), but Dad really beat the hell out of me, and as a species we just seem to pass our anger and hurt onto someone weaker and smaller, so he got the brunt of mine.
            Well, all that was good info, should i ever feel the need to call you a bastard, although i doubt i would. I would be more concerned over being born in MA MA land then being a bastard anyway!! Maybe C DOG can take you out in the woods and perform some type of a ritual to rid you of all residual effects. He has one that involves wiping poison ivy on your dual chambered protuberance of skin and muscle, or at least so he has told me, although due to his “accident” for him it is a single chambered protuberance.
            On another note, i am afraid my buddy Coati boy wont be back from Tree Huggies. He sent me an email saying as much. Oh well.

        • IWKAGGP

          Steve writes, “I’m adopted.”

          Steve writes,” . . . liberals are less likley to have children . . . “(therefore, more likely to adopt)

          Hmmmm . . . . perhaps THIS explains why Steve hates liberals so much!

          Calm down, Steve – I’m fully aware that some straight couples refer to each other as “partner.” And I wasn’t saying you were bashing gays with your initial post.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Aww…good to see you too have made up. Are liberals more likely to adopt gay children?

      • Chris P. Bacon

        Wrong weirdo. All adopters are gay, green. libtards, vegetarian, drive Priususus, genuflect to life sized Al Gored and Michael S’mores tapestrys every morning, and heaven forbid, would like to see a world with less pollution. Oh yah, and they hate guns.

        cpb- trying to keep the line in the sand easy to see for the sheople.

        • C. dog e. doG

          Oh, it’s easy to see, all right, Crispy. I see the change right around the place the sign reads: “You are entering MA-MA Land. Lay down your arms before the Grate Oz”. Too bad that border is so damn leaky. Now we have bureaurats scurrying about the leftward listing ship “U.S.S. New Hamster” seeking ever larger pieces of cheese before it sinks.

          But don’t fret none, Crispy. I’ll be sure to throw them a preserver so they can float down the mighty mighty Merrimack, down, down to their homeland. Sure beats the hassle of baiting a have-a-heart trap with reeking moldy French cheese and NPR softly wafting in the background.
          – C. dog avoiding rabid encounters with political animals

  • C. dog e. doG

    I think it GW ironical that were the oil and coal spigots turned off, the Libs would have the hardest of times making water out of whine, and bread from their circus.
    – C. dog

    • nhsteve

      And all desperate and un-armed when it comes time to leave the shining dumpster in the alley in search of food, water, and shelter in that pristine landscape…peopled with well armed right-wing clingers.

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