Businesses Big and Small Dump Part Time Benefits

Obamacare-ScrewedSkip reported on the Obama Supporter in Ohio who was ‘first up against the wall when the revolution came‘ and bit her employer in the …..umm… wallet.

Well, Businesses both small and large have been finding out that the benefits they had been providing, especially to part-time employees, are being priced out of reach by the minimum coverage mandates of Obamacare.

See, in the free market, part-time employees, who don’t have giant paychecks, had been able to choose a limited health plan for an affordable price. These are known as “Mini-Med” plans, and they first came to our notice in 2010 when McDonalds and others announced that they would have to drop such plans when Obamacare became effective, as the cost of a minimum approved plan would be prohibitive for employer and employee alike.

The hue and cry over millions of part time employees losing benefits led to the infamous waiver program, which, like most Obama promises, had a limited lifetime. First we heard about the rising costs of minimum mandated coverage, then we heard about restaurant workers suffering reduced hours in order to avoid the cost of medical benefits, and now we hear once more that surviving Mini-Med plans are on the chopping block because Obamacare kicks in for real next year.

Universal-OrlandoToday’s news, courtesy of Dowg Powers at is that Universal Studios Orlando told all its part time employees that their Mini-Med plans will terminate at the end of this year, just in time for the tender embrace of Obamacare in January 2014. Evil corporation? No, just bad law – the Orlando Sentinel reports:

Universal currently offers part-time workers a limited insurance plan that has low premiums but also caps the payout of benefits. For instance, Universal’s plan costs about $18 a week for employee-only coverage but covers only a maximum of $5,000 a year toward hospital stays. There are similar caps for other services.

Those types of insurance plans — sometimes referred to as “mini-med” plans — will no longer be permitted under the federal Affordable Care Act. Beginning in 2014, the law will prohibit insurance plans that impose annual monetary limits on essential medical care such, as hospitalization, or on overall spending.

Sooo – if you like your healthcare, if you like your doctor, you can keep ’em, until Obama’s promises run out, and Obama”care” kicks in. Much more of this, and we’ll be a socialist banana republic like Venezuela, where the dear leader is the only one getting comprehensive medical treatment – OVERSEAS!