Biden: “if it only saves one life!” Firearm used to defend against three robbers

by Skip

Progressives actively wish to disarm the populace – some, like Diane Feinstein and NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (where this takes place) would happily come in and remove firearms from any owners home – it is ONLY the peskiness of that hated US Constitution to get in our way of Getting Something Done!  That would be seen, in the Progressive world, as one more step in “perfecting us” (strange, I always thought that was the domain for religion and not politics?  One in the same to them, I know).

Problem is, the people that “need to be perfected” always seem to get a pass (“it’s Society’s fault they are the way they are!”) – and are dandy with turning the innocent into being the guilty ones.

NEWBURGH Police say three masked men with handguns entered a home on South Plank Road in the Town of Newburgh Sunday evening, threatened the residents and demanded money, but were ultimately driven away by a shotgun-wielding resident of the home.

At 10 p.m. police were called to 109 South Plank Road to a report of shots being fired. Police were directed to Highland Avenue where residents reported hearing shots and seeing people running to a dark SUV. Residents of 109 South Plank Road told police that the men entered the home. One resident on the second floor grabbed a loaded shotgun and confronted a suspect in the stairway, firing a shot at him.

The resident fired two additional shots as they fled across the backyard toward Highland. It is unclear if any of the suspects were wounded. There was evidence that a window of suspect’s vehicle might have shattered. Witnesses told police the SUV headed east on Highland. None of the home’s residents were injured.

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