Another stupid TV anchor – one of the MSM’s finest sounds a bit off key.

by Skip

Progressives – the ones that claim that they are the reality based ones that are science oriented.  Well, Steve’s got the CNN looney bird that thinks approaching asteroids are due to our so-called “global warming” – her exclamation had to be both reality and scientifically based, eh?  And now, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell decides to lend her most informed opinion to the fray:

 Think about it – we can hamstring our economy just to make her feel good – after all, she is pretty well insulated from the actual industries that, you know, use energy to create wealth generating products and services. She earns a 1% living – far above what others do.  Yet, while she could absorb the extra energy costs with ease, most normal folks can’t (they’re struggling now with gas prices that are spinning the dials faster and faster the last couple of weeks).  But that’s the least of the idiocy:

ANDREA MITCHELL: You are talking about drilling. When the President and certainly the incoming Secretary of State who has been a leader on climate change is talking about doing something about greenhouse gases, haven’t the storms, Superstorm Sandy, Irene last year, haven’t all of these recent storms and the fluctuations in temperature taught us if nothing else, that we have a real climate problem and that we have to deal with this here even if the rest of the world isn’t going to deal with it, in China and elsewhere?

 As India and China move to first world status, they will consume more and more energy to provide a better standard of living for their populations – same thing for all of the developing nations.  Energy used means work accomplished.  Work accomplished means a heightened standard of living.   Yet, Mitchell shows her disdain for the rest of the world – how dare they not fulfill my idea of how science works!  And if the rest of the world thinks she absolutely cuckoo for thermometers, well, they really don’t care much about this newsreader (good thing, too).  But think about it – why is she SO willing to punish the United States for the sins of the rest of the world?

Now, this was “caught” back on the 4th – wonder if Snowmageddon would have changed her mind any – or hold that “global warming causes more snow”?

Asteroids by global warming and thinking that shutting down the US would actually have a measurable effect on world temperature (and temps have been running flat too).   I do wonder if either one of these two MSMers are as self-aware of what they did (or are at the level of our very own Shareleene Hurst)?

(H/T: Newsbusters)

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