Another Cruz Missile – ‘Republicans Failed To Stand For Principle’

by Mike

Yes, he actually said this: “An Awful Lot of Republicans Failed To Stand For Principle And Contributed To Getting Us In This Mess”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a man who is not afraid to stick to his principles, and to call out those who do not. No wonder the Left is screaming about him being an extremist, and the RINO establishment are telling him he needs to learn to make a deal. Yeah, make a deal – like enabling runaway borrowing at the Federal level, or supporting Democrat cash grabs here in NH!

We need more like him! H/T Joe Miller’s Restoring Liberty.

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  • Tim from Nashua

    No one wants DemocRat-lite, when they can get the real ‘Rats.
    Principle over Party, or there no longer is a party.

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