And now, a word for our advertisers

by Skip

Over on the Right Sidebar are a couple of folks that have chosen to advertise with us. has a bunch of “not your ordinary” type T-shirt vendor.  I know them personally (they live and work in my town), so as an “up by their bootstraps” type of operation, I offered to give them some space and time.  Once you get to the site and peruse their wares, you can easily see the quirkiness of the offerings.   Not only that, they are philosophically aligned with GraniteGrok (e.g.,  they were at the .223 Day of Resistance rally – they are one of us).  So, click on through and give them some business, willya?

Molon Labe - AR-15 - closeupAlso we also have with an ad for a while.  Another New Hampshire company, they specialize in engraved products.  The back story as to why they are here is a “different” one.  Back here I showed an AR-15 rail cover that the Youngest had purchased for me as a Christmas present.  Interesting name for a company – it turns out it is the MOS (e.g., job description) for Infantry in the Army – what the Youngest was in the 101st Airborne.  He happened to see them on Facebook and decided to order that rail cover.

Well, when some of our commenters asked “How do we order them?”, I went over to their site to find it and put up a quick link.  I couldn’t find one, so I emailed the contact.  Turns out, it is a special order. Once I explained what GraniteGrok was and that my Youngest had purchased one, he agreed to put it into his regular catalog – you can go see it here.  Well, I mentioned this to the Youngest and he asked “Am I going to get a royalty”?

Huh? Turns out that it really was a special order in the beginning – and my Youngest had been listening to me talk about current events, called them, and gave them the description of what he wanted: MOLON LABE on the top and the snake from the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t tread on me”) wrapped around a scoped AR-15.  I was flabbergasted when he told me his back story – just as he was when I said that an add for it was up on the ‘Grok.

Molon Labe.

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