About That Charter Schools Funding

by Steve MacDonald

From the Daily Caller.

A charter schools advocacy organization in New Hampshire has captured video showing (New Hampshire) Democrat Mary Stuart Gile, who chairs the education committee in the state’s House of Representatives, apparently changing her position on charter schools in a four-minute flash.


Opponents of the bill want to see the bill fail because they don’t want new charter schools to open.

Do you think the “opponents” are teachers unions and their elected Democrat flunkies looking to protect their monopoly?

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    This is awesome! Combined with the death of the right to work for less bill (again) this is truly a great time for education in New Hampshire! I feel like we’re coming out of the dark ages!

    • allen

      because, like, monopolies are awesome, right? you NEVER get a bad deal when there is only one game in town…/sarc

      got screwed by public education, got screwed by unions, (but I repeat myself) and now let’s make sure the next generation gets screwed the same way!

    • C. dog e. doG

      Hunting for Dan’s moral fiber … oh here it is: labor monopoly money for flunkies to prance in front of students pretending that they have any marketable skill; those who can’t teach, those who can’t teach join the government teacher’s union.
      Thanks, Dan, you’re a grate Amerikant.
      – C. dog minimizing his contribution to The Flautist’s retirement scheme

    • granitegrok

      For Hunter Dan, the faux Conservative, public education = public teachers unions.

      Children? No, its about crass power and rent-seeking. Educational Freedom? Parental Choice? Economic Freedom?

      Bah, Humbug says Hunter Dan

      • IWKAGGP

        Am not a “faux conservative.” Because I never claimed to be a Conservative. I’m much too multi-faceted and complex an individual to accept being defined by a single word. If you must, however, use a one-word definition – I much prefer the term “moderate.”

        • C. dog e. doG

          Nothin’ says manly like moderate, or mushy, or tapioca, or puddin’, or amoeba.
          – C. dog separating Danny’s yoke from his whites with one hand

          • IWKAGGP

            But Doggie, you keep forgetting that I don’t give a damn whether you think I’m a man or not.

          • C. dog e. doG

            But how do the ‘utes interpret your presence: Dannyboy, The Grate Moderate Hunter?
            – C. dog lets his arrow go, where it lands no one knows

    • Bubbles

      Your mother must be proud.

      • C. dog e. doG

        Amoebas don’t have mothers, they just replicate via binary fission.
        – C. dog

      • IWKAGGP

        Both my parents are very proud of me bubbles, thank you.

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