About Merrimack’s Town Tax Rate

by Steve MacDonald

Town of Merrimack NHMore than a few folks in Merrimack probably had heart attacks when they saw the front page article “Council OKs 23.5 million budget” in the Merrimack Telegraph Journal.  In the second paragraph, right below the front page fold, it claimed this new budget would mean a  $5.25 increase per $1000.00 of assessed value.

That would be an increase of approximately $1,312.00 per year for a home valued at $250,000.00 and a new town rate of $10.50/1000 –the sorts of numbers typically reserved  as the low end of a school budget that still can’t manage to teach math adequately.

Those are torch and pitchfork numbers.

If you managed to sputter past that part, without tearing up your paper and reaching for the phone or the email address of your town councilors, you might have begun to question the reporting.  If you were wise enough to choose something more reliable than the Nashua Telegraph’s Merrimack-satellite, you’d know that the town rate is not going up at all.  The town tax rate is actually holding steady at $5.25/1000.  So no tax increase.  The Council managed to juggle all its eggs in all its baskets without increasing your town tax rate.

That budget will go to voters, and it should be noted that the default budget is actually higher, so keep that in mind when you hit the polls.  No means more money, yes…means less.

As for the Merrimack Telegraph Journal less is always more when there is less Journal, and if it were not for the fact that I get my Market Basket circular out of it, I’d have no use for the thing whatsoever.

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  • mer

    So basically the “real journalists and editors” lied?

  • Scott Morales

    Thanks Steve. MJ’s headline caught my eye yesterday and I meant to get back to it but never did,now never will.


  • Scott Morales

    Weird, my comment was eaten, digested and spiraled down in disguis somewhere. Anyway, I’ll repost it:

    Thanks Steve, MJ’s headline caught my eye and I meant to get back to it, but never did, now I never will



    MARKET BASKET?!?!?! UGGGGHHH!!!!! Except for cheap lobster in the summer I NEVER shop there. There produce sucks and their store brands are DREK.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Whadaya bet Danny-boy hangs out in some Co-op to pickup burlap chicks? All for the low, low price of paying $5 for coffee, and $20/lb for vegan hamburger. What a S.N.O.B.!
      – C. dog doesn’t need pretty decorations to make his shopping experience worthwhile

      • IWKAGGP

        First of all, I don’t go to any grocery store for “chicks” – already got one’a those. And I NEVER pay money for hamburger. I KILL mine. Yes, I occasionally shop CO-OPs – they’re true examples of the perfect blend of capitalism and socialism! I also shop Hannaford’s. I frequent The “trash basket” only during lobstah season!

        • C. dog e. doG

          Clearly you don’t exhibit strong math skills. Where do you think that exorbitant mark-up goes that they charge at the co-ops? Not to the poor orphans in Africa, but right into the pocket of the queen bee running the grunge hive for hip honey. Yup, that’s right, the same person espousing neo-Marxist crap, but with a 6-figure income. I wonder if she travels in a limo?
          – C. dog thrifty with his dispatches

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