A Letter sent to NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn, based on her HB617 Press Release

by Skip

I wondered what Jennifer Horn would do as I wrote this; now we know – the non-silent silent answer.  She did not “Choose Well”.  The Press Release, which went out this morning, is after the jump.  This is my Letter just sent:

Dear Jennifer (NH GOP Chair),

Right you are concerning the proposed gas – this should never have made it out of committee with a single Republican vote.

And that’s the problem – it got every single one of them.  All of the Republicans on the committee, every one, voted for it; not a single Nay vote amongst them.  In other words, they have turned your words below into hollow ones with their votes – that presser is of no importance at all as every single elected Republican just cut you off at the knees.  Wait until NH Democrat Chair Buckley sends out his PR about “But Jennifer, all of YOUR Republicans sided with the Democrat Leadership and Maggie Hassan – doesn’t that put you on the wrong side of the issue?”.  I see no comeback – your Party members have done just that from a perception standpoint – and voters will see that.

Your press release does make you look rather blinkered for ignoring the very Republicans that put you into such a position – a very foolish one.  Castigating the Democrats while ignoring the bad behavior of your own Republicans – including the Minority House Leader?  Not good at all and badly played.

Unfortunately, this PR blurb does not “thread the needle” that was necessary – you’ve now given more Republicans cover by not mentioning these chuckleheads at all.  You have now given out the message “S’all right, vote for more expensive and bigger government – I’ll just ignore your part in it“.  Again, how is this perception going to help in recruiting more voters to the Republican Party?

Yes, Jennifer, my answer would have been:

“I am saddened that any Republican voted to enlarge Government, to go along to get along, and not fight the good fight to find savings elsewhere and restructure Government priorities within the current budget to deal with these important matters.  It would have been better for issues and needs of lower importance to receive less monies so as to take care of these higher ones; after all, it is what we all do around the family kitchen table every single day.  Raising such a tax that affects so many citizens in a time of already high gas price only places a burden on them; Republicans should know and do better and I ask them to review the Platform so as to re-familiarize themselves what our word stands. After all, if we cannot stand by our own words, what do we stand for?

Until we out here start to see Republicans maintaining self-discipline, honoring the ideals enumerated in the Platform, and moving from merely mouthing the words to an attitude and outlook of actually applying them in each and every situation, it seems that we will continue to earn this monniker each and every day: The Stupid Party.  And you will continue to lose the grassroots energies and efforts that are so badly needed.

Kindest regards (and saddened ones as well),


(note: I have made some spelling / grammatical changes above – and probably needs more).  Her presser:



Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on Governor Maggie Hassan’s unwillingness to answer questions about a proposed gas tax hike. During an editorial board meeting with Seacoast Media Group today (2/27/13) Governor Hassan “did not technically answer the question about whether she would veto a gas tax hike proposal.”

“It is time for Governor Hassan to stop dodging questions about the disastrous and dishonest gas tax hike that is being proposed by her House Democrat leadership.

“House Democrats have clearly misled Granite Staters about the actual motives behind their proposed gas tax hike. They have dishonestly claimed that all funds generated from the tax would be used for infrastructure repairs. But secret emails discovered this week show that the Democrats believe that their gas tax hike is ‘a gift that keeps on giving’ that should not be “spent all in one place.” The Democrats view their tax hike as tool that can be used to scam New Hampshire motorists into funding their plans to grow government.

“A devastating gas tax hike during a recession is bad policy, and the Democrat House Leadership’s leaked emails proves that Democrats are not being honest about the real goals of their tax increase. It is time for Governor Hassan to stop refusing to answer questions about this deceptive ploy, start providing leadership on this issue, and pledge to veto this bad legislation.”



New Hampshire Republican State Committee

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  • mer

    skip is there an email for her over at the NH GOP website? I’ve been poking around for it there and I can’t find one. All I can find are Facebook/twitter/youtube/flickr stuff and a snail mail address.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Well done, Skip. Let’s hope she is leading some Belichik meetings in the clubhouse with Republican legislators that have strayed from the Patriot path. This is clearly not a problem for Magpie to clean up. In fact, I’m sure she’s crowing over this Republican Values meltdown in the cushy seat of Her Excellency. (Kinda takes the heat off her ludicrous gamble on the budget)

    Horn and others within the NH Republican Party need to clean their laundry – pronto! – on this one. Of course, the proof is in the pudding, I think the House of Horrors votes on this within a week. I don’t even understand how democrats with a conscience vote for this one, you know, the Jimbo ‘Splaines and Grandma Hubbard Horrigans that feign they’re looking out for the little guy, you know, that guy just able to pay for his gas paycheck to paycheck. Hmmm, come to think of it, they been kinda silent of late on this one. Lost opportunity to bash their duplicity.
    – C. dog

    • granitegrok

      Thank, oh Doggy One!. Sadly, Horn whiffed on this and seemingly is making a bet that “some” will forget come voting time.

      We won’t.

      • C. dog e. doG

        Out of curiosity, I visited Bluballs Hamsters to see what their take is on the proposed gas tax that passed unanimously in committee. Just the same as NHJ: nothin’; eery.
        – C. dog

        • granitegrok

          I am not surprised at either result – for te Boo-hoo Hampsters, it is business as usual: a feature of Progressives, not a bug. For NH Journal, it is business as usual: a feature of suck up Political RINOs that dare not show courage or Principle in covering for the GATGA gang.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Dammit Skip, yet more evidence I’m not up on hip brevities. What’s GATGA? I quickly searched the intertubes – no luck. And if it violates rule #2, just give me a hint.
            – C. dog

          • granitegrok

            Go Along To Get Along

            You know what’s fun? Seeing you pretty much dropping out of the Doggish dialect – Hahahahaha!

  • Scott Morales

    Nice going Skip. After feeling encouragement on Saturday, the days since feels like we’re heading up sand dunes on stilts and our own side is atop tumbling boulders our way. Freaking ridiculous.

    • granitegrok

      Thanks, Scott! Remember, we Groksters always run TO the fight! We (recalling St. Sarah) retreat only to reload.

      And if it means that Republicans-acting-badly walk into the line of fire, well, so be it.

      • Scott Morales

        I hear ya… just wish they’d fight for the right side once in a while (“right” being the operative word there:0)

    • C. dog e. doG

      Don’t dispare yet, oh word smithe. There’s still the Senate! And last resort, Magpie? The elephant ain’t quite dead … yet.
      – C. dog taking pulses, recording votes, storing ammo for a rainy day

      • granitegrok

        There are times when the tail starts downward between the rear pins – but not for long. State Senator Chuck Morse has already said it is DOA upon arrival. The problem is – why is it that we need Champions to rise to the occasions when it should be the job of all of our representatives to be Champions?

        • C. dog e. doG

          Glad to hear that makes at least three with an R on their star agin’ this. But are you sure Chuck has the votes?
          – C. dog

        • Scott Morales

          Exact-a-mundo Skip. Where’s the unified front? The ends, tackles, linebackers? The frigates, corsairs, and cutters? Nowhere. These guys peeked ‘tween their pins and found the only thing dangling was their tale, their pride snipped with their courage.

      • Scott Morales

        Thanks for the bone of reassurance… I’ll take it and gnaw on it like it deserves… ok that didn’t quite work but you get my gist.

        -Scott whittling the bone into a point to plunge into the torsos of traitors

        • C. dog e. doG

          Reminded me of the Indian scientist on Big Bang.
          – C. dog uncomfortably LMAO

  • Maybe the GOP isn’t the stupid party after all. What if all the Republicans voted the gas tax out of committee just to expose the arrogant “gift that keeps on giving” tax and spend democrats. Then the Republicans can all vote NO on the gas tax and paint Hassan and the democrats as middle class taxers. This is clearly a tax that will hurt the middle class.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Well, well, well, look who’s playing Machiavelli today.
      – C. dog

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