DHS Tries to Explain Why It Needs 1.6 Billion More Rounds of Ammo

by Steve MacDonald

The speculation about why the US Department of Homeland Security would want to buy another 1.6 billion (with a b) rounds of ammunition over the next few years as been ‘enthusiastic’-if not just creepy at times, but worry not, they have put the issue to rest.

The Homeland Security Department wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four or five years. It says it needs them — roughly the equivalent of five bullets for every person in the United States — for law enforcement agents in training and on duty.

The article goes on to tell us that they spend  about 15 million rounds annually on training.  Just for perspective during the Iraq war the US military used about 70 million if the rumors are true.   It looks like the pre-Obama military (in response to the needs of the global war on terror) were placing its orders in the 100 million rounds a year range, though I suspect that figure is a bit soft.   And if you want more perspective, even if DHS and its associated agencies used up 20 million rounds a year on practice fun and friends  it would take them 80 years to use up the 1.6 billion rounds they’ve requested.

Democrats can’t even write a budget for the next 12 months, why is Obama’s DHS contracting ammo purchases to cover the rest of the century?

So this does not suggest that the conspiracy theorists are necessarily wrong.  They are stockpiling ammo, either to defend against something or to attack something.


Further along the article breaks down the buy but not to my immediate satisfaction.  budget ever having been passed for almost four years now, to just order up that much ordinance for ‘training and duty’ is absurd.

Immigration enforcement is getting 450 million rounds of duty ammunition and 200 million rounds of rifle ammunition over the next five years.  650 million rounds for ICE?  Obama’s ICE isn’t allowed to shoot anyone any more than soldiers in theater are.  And that’s not likely to change until we figure out what the progressive 5-year plan for ammo buys is really all about.

Meanwhile, anyone with a more concrete grasp of what the feds typically purchase for the military and law enforcement, pre-Obama, Pre-obama trying to put a crimp in the stride of the clingers, please feel free to share that.  Any details on annual total ammo production over the last decade, anything that can put this into perspective is appreciated.

I’m happy to be wrong about the size of this order or the idea that the Feds are trying to make it harder for the rest of us to buy our own but 1.6 billion is only a small number when we talk about Democrats spending our money.

Exit Question;  Or are they as careless and wasteful with ammunition as they are with our tax dollars? (which, funny thing, they are spending to buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.  Irony.)

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  • Scott Morales

    What we could do with 1.6 billion rounds of ammo. The quarry would be holier than the Pope…err.. the next Pope.

    • Scott Morales

      I should include that I’m catholic so I can say that. Kind of like how some people can use the “n” word while it’s use is verbotent to others. At least I think that’s the rule… I can never keep up with the rule changes, so I may be wrong.

      -Scott back peddling on the Benedict jibe and fearing the lightning strike

      • C. dog e. doG

        Your in trouble ‘cuz no papal dispensations available till the replacement arrives, and I doubt he’ll be all that forgiving. By the way, does that same logic allow me to say Biotché without permission from Skip?
        – C. dog filling in for Chrispy Critter

        • granitegrok

          talking about biotech is fine…..

  • 5.56x45mm (M193 Ball) apx .34 per round;
    9x 19mm Parabellum: apx .37 per round;
    .357 Sig .46 per round;
    40 S&W apx .40 per round;

    So with an average cost of.39 per round….discounted to say .29 per round for bulk, that is roughly as cost of $435,000,000

    • oops….should have clicked on your link in the article….but from the looks of it, I wasnt too far off on the calibers.

    • allen

      and the 5,.56X45 is specified in the contract to be packed on stripper clips.

      why would law enforcement…ANY law enforcement..need stripper clips? those are for loading magazines in a hurry. when has any law enforcement shot all the ammo they carry in their basic load, ran back to “home base” to quickly refill their magazines and get back into the fight? this is not the operations of any police, or even a SWAT or tactical team.

      • Rick_GraniteGrok

        stripper clips? yeah, thats not police issue….thats combat platform stuff. Sustained fire fight stuff.

        • allen

          so either they are preparing for war, or they’re deliberately inflating the cost by adding in stuff they don’t need and will never use.

          one is treason (after all, WE’RE IN CHARGE HERE, not them), and the other is fraud.

          dear god I hope it’s fraud.

  • DHS is comprised of various agencies to include USSS, ICE, CBP, HSI, TSA, FPS and Coast Guard. There are approximately 54,600 gun carriers/law enforcement officers in DHS. The average gun carrier is required to qualify on a quarterly basis and fires approximately 560 rounds of ammunition per year. Here is how the numbers break down:

    54,600 gun carriers x 560 rounds per year = 30,576,000 rounds needed per year for re-qualification purposes. If we divide 1,500,000,000 rounds by 30,576,000, this would mean that DHS has a 49 year supply of ammunition. I find this number astounding. Why does DHS need a 49 year supply on hand? I think the conspiracy theorists may be on to something.

  • Kevin Kervick

    It’s economic stimulus Steve. Buy bullets with borrowed money, which is a boon for manufacturers, this scares citizens, causing them to buy even more themselves in a frenzy. Sales skyrocket. Everybody wins.

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