Women In Combat

by Rick Olson

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” — Alexander Pope

In the  Union Leader today, and article entitled, “NH Women react to end of ban on combat.” The UL article starts out, “Combat veteran Nancy Young of Auburn was thrilled to hear other women will get the chance to serve on the front lines in the military.

“Thrilled,” you say? This article is demonstrative of how callous we as a society have become. To be clear, I take no issue with women participating in front-line combat…other than to say, “be careful of what you ask for, ladies.” But these women have gone completely off the rails. Going into Combat isn’t riding a mechanical bull  or running a marathon. Fighting is a life-altering, life changing experience. Post combat experiences effectively changes how one views the world, how one lives life and how one relates to family and friends. No one gets out in one piece.

Nancy Young went on to tell the UL, “I think it’s great that they’re going to be given the opportunity to try,” Great?  The UL continues, “New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte said she is pleased at the news.”

“(Jesus) went on a little farther and bowed with his face to the ground, praying, “My Father! If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.” —Matthew 26:39 (NIV)

“Thrilled?…Great?…Pleased? On some level, I laud the enthusiasm. You combat-aspiring women are going to need it because here is a small slice what you have to look forward to…

And this….

and….there is this….

and this…

This photo doesn’t even capture the smell…

and finally there is this….

Picture your mothers, fathers, husbands and children in waiting for your casket to arrive.

Finally, lets not forget the wounds combat leaves that we do not see…Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Alcoholism…depression…suicide.  Suicide…Suicides in military ranks have surged to epidemic levels. Last year, there were 349 suicides… exceeding American combat deaths in Afghanistan, and some experts predict this current trend will grow exponentially worse.

Thrilled?….Pleased?….Great! Do let us know how that works for you.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.  Traditionally, women were excluded from front line combat roles. Only recently have we heard the whining and complaining over it. And now with a progressive, socialist utopian in the White house, we have turned our Military into a social playground for these liberals…People who scoff at expressions such as, “Dogs of war.”

I have met women who are aptly capable of fighting in the combat theater. But to characterize this change as Thrilling or Great is distasteful and further demonstrates a lack of the full understanding or appreciation of what blood and treasure is expended when combatants engage in the ground contest of disemboweling…maiming or killing the enemy.

Women…Be sure to come back and share with us your experiences of the smell of burnt flesh…of bodies that have been blown open…the blood and the smell of shit. And then tell us how this is great or fun. Do tell us what it is like to hear the blood-curdling screams of pain as your fellow comradesses-in-arms lay dying at your feet. tell us how the taste of blood in your mouth tastes? Tell us how fun and great it truly was. Celebrate today, for tomorrow many of you die.

These men have served and paid in personal blood and treasure…When called to fight, the task is met with sober honor; Embraced with a solemnity and  marred by the blunt realities…foreboding of what is to come…what is to be.

Now, You have denigrated the sensibilities of those who went before you..to mere ladder climbing in quest for promotions. So when some of you who aspire to fight are sitting in wheelchairs while others wipe your asses, do share how well your ladder-climbing worked.

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Thank you, Rick, for the somber and sober perspective.

    • On the other hand, when you consider the Ubiquitous, bordering on obnoxious, Pink-RIbboned Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer campaign in our faces at nearly every level of society…perhaps PTSD and disabled vets will not get the proper needed attention. Or take prostate cancer…a man dies of prostate cancer, society basically says, “aw, sucks to be you.”

      • Chris P. Bacon

        C’mon Rick. There is never an “other hand”. Keep the message something i can handle, simple, one sided, and black and white.

        • it was snark…

          • Chris P. Bacon

            oh…i don’t know anything about “snark”.

  • Ed Naile

    It will just like in the movies where Buffy kills a vampire with a stick, or some hot babe in a mini skirt kicks a 300 lb man and he flies backwards through the room.
    You just don’t understand.
    No enemy of America will ever want to capture a platoon of lady killers.
    They will retreat at the sound of hair barrettes not Green Bereys

    • We’ll see how well this works when one of them are sitting there in the quiet…ears still muffled and ringing from the gunfire….sweating, puking, sleep deprived, exhausted…only to realize…”Yo, doc..this aint sweat running down my neck…its blood

  • Ed Naile

    (spell check myself)

  • Hal Graham

    I would fear for any female fighter being imprisoned by a muslim. History has proven The treatment of women is not very pleasant. Of course males too but especially female.
    My wife worked in Afghanistan and still shudders at the treatment of women and girls and that was from their own people. What will happen to a foreigner ??.

  • Chris P. Bacon

    My drill instructor back in the very early 90’s was having his way with at least one of the 5 girls in our company. Most of our group was 18 and i was 26 so i feel that is why she confided in me. In the begining she was devistated and would cry while telling me about it on the quaterdeck (we were company yeomans). By the end of boot camp she relished the attention, and although she was pretty much useless, nobody dared cross her as she would go to the DI, and it would be curtains for you. That was just the begining of the abuse i saw of the females (otherwise reffered to as “moral gear”) i witnessed at the hands of the guys on their team, i cannot imagine what will happen to them when they are captured. Rape is rampant by good Christians on the women on their side, what will happen when those Godless evil doers get ahold of them.

    • The USMC still segregates males and females….see why?

      • Chris P. Bacon

        fer sure. i have always felt women have no place in the military, but i’m a dinosour when it comes to that. It is not because i think women are inferior, it is because i think most males are pigs. The stuff i saw was unreal, and i was STATESIDE!!

  • Sam Adams

    Sounds like Civil Liberties assoc. is asking for this change, not necessary women soldiers. But now it will be thrown at them.

  • As an aside….there are some who suffer from PTSD and it manifests itself in ways you rarely ever (if ever) hear about: Eating disorders….So there is that to think about… Especially for women who tend to be considerably more obsessive about their body appearance.

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