What Obamacare did for me

by Steve MacDonald

…Circulated from Craigs list,  An Obamazombie appears to discover that nothing in life is free and that the government really does not give a damn about the little people.  Democrats just care about their policy agenda regardless of any real world impacts.

(Adult language ‘edited’)

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What Obamacare did for me

Date: 2013-01-27, 3:14PM

I thought it would be great, free health insurance, then I got a job. Boss says 28 hours a week is all they are offering now because over 30 requires insurance. Great, 30% pay cut right off the bat. But it gets better. My 28 hour week gives me about $18,000 a year which is too much for any government insurance. So now by law I have to buy my own ($5000) or pay a fine. I’m f***ed and every year the fine goes up. So what I thought was a sweet deal turned into an a** f****ng. Thanks Obama, I wonder how many people like me turn 27 and find out you screwed us?


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(Yeah, it could be faked, but the fact is that this is a reality that these folks had best get used to because they asked for it.  Twice.)

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  • Bubbles

    At least the guy got a free proctological exam….

    • C. dog e. doG

      Bubbles … The best part is that he finds out what the exam reveals in about 3 or 4 years! FORWARD!
      – C. dog

      • nhsteve

        Does the IRS deliver the results as well?

        • Bubbles

          Was it just me or did I just hear the snap of another latex glove?

          • Chris P. Bacon

            I was on CL today and found some excellent clones. All those years chasin’ bad guys around the gulf in speedie boats and now i can buy clones on line legally. Thanks for all those herbs God.

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