Well, what do you know – Andy Martin mentioned us. Is it time to swoon yet?

by Skip

“You are probably wondering why I’m running for [NH GOP] state chairman. I think we could almost adopt the slogan, “Vote for Andy: No One Likes Him!” The party “Establishment” probably shudders at the mention of my name. And the right-wing, pseudo-Brit Groksters think of me as a form of fertilizer, or religious nightmare or worse. Well, that’s not all to the bad. “

Pseudo-Brits? Huh?

Naw, we actually think very little of you, Andy – that would be a waste of the energy contained in, oh, two sugar molecules? Once again, it seems you have a higher opinion of yourself than others do.  But I will think of you JUST enough to say this: I’m betting, Andy, that you get fewer votes for NH GOP Chair than I did just coming out of the stands for NH GOP RNC Committeeman?

Pseudo-Brits?  Really?  And as far as fertilizer is concerned, at least fertilizer has value to it…

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