Well, now you know why the Democrats want 16,000 new IRS agents for Obamacare

by Skip

And H&R Block is absolutely ecstatic!

Many of us political junkies already knew the connection between the IRS and Obamacare; the Federal agency most tax-paying citizens hate dealing with. Under Obama’s Affordable Care Act, you will get to be MUCH more chummy – not only will you have to share all your economic data with them (so they can tax you correctly), now you will have to give them all your healthcare data as well (so, they can tax you correctly).

So, if you think that the run up to April 15th is the highest level of gaiety in filling out form after form, you are just gonna love what the Democrats have done to you now!    And  with this giddiness shown in this H & R Block ad, it’s almost looking like another instance of C.O.C.C (Certified Obama Crony Capitalism).

Notice the subtlety of the “you can’t do this by yourself” – you just can’t fake such joy that your Government has just made you more dependent on someone else (they are sending to “help” you?)

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