This Isn’t Sexist?

by Steve MacDonald

Obama - G8 Photo, Checking Out Her ASSHypocrisy from the left is always on my radar and let me tell you–my radar is always beeping.  Take this for example.  Just imagine if former Senator John Sununu (or any man anywhere) had said this…

Keep the New Hampshire Delegation in men’s hands.

I can smell the tar boiling from here.  So who has the feathers?

But it is perfectly acceptable for Daily Kos to lead it’s fawning article about New Hampshire’s female delegation with this.

NH-Sen: Keep The NH Delegation In Women’s Hands, Help Jeanne Shaheen (D) Win Re-Election In 2014

We should re-elect Senator Shaheen because she is a woman?

This may be the double-standard of measure but it should not, even when filtered through the dirty malformed cultural lens of the left, make it any less sexist than if someone with a penis had evoked its misogynistic equivalent.

But then the now famous New Hampshire Female delegation is littered with double standards.

Carol Shea-Porter has said more than her fair share of stupid things and insulting men.  And after the 2010 election, which she lost to Frank Guinta, she never (NEVER) called Mr. Guinta to congratulate him on his victory.   I believe Mr. Guinta called to congratulate her that night when she defeated him this past November.  How does that work when the shoe is on the other foot?

Ann Kuster forcibly took someones camera from them at a public event when they tried to ask her some questions, and even swore at them.   I know, I know, a Democrat swearing and seizing private property is not all that surprising but what if it was a man taking a camera from a woman?  Scandal!  Drop out or resign you cad!

Governor Hassan, as candidate Hassan, agreed on video that it would be a good idea to ‘beat Republicans with a bat, with your feet, with your hands’ before a room full of smiling, laughing Democrats.  If you consider that the state Democrat party was plying a “Bringing civility to Concord” narrative at the time, the observant political pundit might question the obvious contradiction.  They might also ask if she meant that it would be ok to beat Republican men, women, homosexuals, or minorities?  Democrats would have made all those connections in a heart beat if a Republican (man) had been so agreeable to the suggestion.

And when an elected female rep (Cynthia Chase) recently declared a willingness to write laws to intentionally restrict the freedoms of political opponents…we get silence.  Is that because they agree with her?

These double standards apply to everything the left does (regardless of sex) including the uneven application of the law, the unbalanced spending, the crony politics, the false moral superiority, the cultural inequality, the purposeful division.  An offhand sexist reference is just more noise in the cultural wind.

Note: I am counting the seconds before some moon-bat calls me a misogynist just for bringing it up.

But I am not interested in whether my elected representatives are male or female.  I am looking for people who express more interest in keeping authority and tax dollars from leaving the state than they are in looking for creative ways to bring it to DC first so they can then take credit for navigating the otherwise impenetrable bureaucracy they erected to keep us from it; who then demand accolades for helping bring money back to the state that would have served us better had it never left.  And have you noticed that it always seems to come back pinpointed to their best political advantage?

I am looking for politicians who go to Washington to defend us from the federal government instead of negotiating the terms of our surrender.  Sadly, the only woman in our “all woman” delegation who might even think that way three days out of five is Republican Kelly Ayotte.

These Democrat women, to the last, are not just disconnected from the idea of a Federal Republic and state sovereignty, they view those ideas as barriers to their accumulation of power.  They are more interested in charging us more for the privilege of their connections in the nations capital than leaving us to make decisions closer to home.  They are more concerned about how to play the game of thrones for sound bites and photo-ops that catalogue the appearance of action, than in acting in the best interests of those who elected them to office.

These are people who prefer a centrally planned, top down, statist economy.   People willing to use their gender, and to have their gender used for political advantage.  Why else the double standard?  “How dare you question my vote, or my competence, or my intentions.  You must be intimidated by women you misogynist pig.”

It is always about leverage and intimidation with Democrats and they will happily use women if it advances their agenda.  Even if they have to appear sexist to do it.


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