This is what the prejudice and bigotry of a Democrat State Rep. can lead to:

by Tim Condon

A possible threat to incite violence against an unfavored minority. Here’s the story:


Democrat State Rep. Cynthia Chase of Keene has recently displayed an alarming attitude of bigotry and prejudice against libertarians and conservatives who make up the Free State Project movement. Her comments have gone viral, and are being reported today in the Union Leader by John DiStaso.

It’s the Union Leader article I want to discuss. In the comments section after DiStaso’s column, someone calling himself “John Forrest” wrote the following:

“The Free Staters are NOT libertarians. They are anarchists, dressed as nerds. They are obnoxious and work to challenge any and every law they do not agree with. And there are no laws that really suit their purpose. Libertarians work within the system to get changes. Free Staters have made folls and nuisances of themselves for the publicity of their cause. They are closer to the wall street occupiers than any legitimate libertarian. Had the District Court Judge in Keene had a spine and had the local police had the slightest amount of desire to do their job, the Free Staters would have been arrested on a regular basis and been sent to jail every time they came in. I disagree with Ms Chase….they are not a threat. They can be dealt with through competent and aggressive legal action. And they can be dealt with in other ways as well if they cause to much trouble.”

I’ve added emphasis on that last sentence. What exactly does that mean?  How can the “obnoxious Free Staters” be “dealt with” other than through the police and justice system? I’ll say the obvious: It is a threat to incite violence against a minority, not unlike a racist threatening violence against another racial group. (The Free State Project on its web site, by the way, explicitly denounces those who advocate violence as a way to address political issues)

Will there be a police investigation of this person and his threat? Mentally unstable people who may be prone to violence often give hints and warnings about what they’re planning before they take action. Is this such a warning by such an individual? For everyone’s safety, it should be looked into by the authorities. Stay tuned….

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  • Scott Morales

    Wow. That’s more than a little disturbing. I’m not sure I buy he’s a libertarian either… or maybe he just doesn’t understand what word means.

    • many don’t because the word starts of with, “lib”

  • During the 2010 cycle, I was treated to a diatribe about “free-staters” by a Bob Giuda supporter. I was accused of being all kinds of law breaking anarchist for supporting their goals. I debated vigorously, pointing out the difference between Free-Staters and the Free Keene anarchist kiddies, but to no avail.
    The same guy also called me stupid for supporting Jennifer Horn, showing the effectiveness of his technique.
    In retrospect, he was, of course wrong on point 1, and correct on point 2, but with friends like that, Bob wasn’t winning enough support for the primary.

  • More to the point, we need to work with the free-staters to help them build a positive image, and distinguish themselves from the Keene Kiddies.

  • KenEyring

    Thanks Tim!

    It’s important to not lose track of Rep. Cynthia Chase’s statements, including ““What we can do is make the environment here so unwelcoming that some will choose not to come, and some may actually leave. One way is to pass measures that will restrict freedoms that they think they will find here.”

    For an elected representative to suggest she use her elected power to advance HER radical ideologies and “restrict freedoms”… OUR FREEDOMS… is very disturbing. Rep. Chase has sworn to defend and uphold the Constitution — yet targets a small group of people she disagrees with as she wields that power. Rep. Chase paints a very disturbing picture on how she envisions her leadership position. Gov. Hassan and Speaker Norelli should demand Rep. Chase’s resignation immediately.

    Who is really the wolf in sheep’s clothing?

  • Dr. William J Dunn

    This person is DANGEROUS; particularly being in a position to make their “And they can be dealt with in other ways as well if they cause to much trouble.” statement reality.

    Thanks Tim; this “person” bears watching. Yet another scary lack of intellect.

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