“This is a partial repeal of representative government” House GOP Capitulates Again

by Mike

Cartoon by William Warren at NetRight Daily

“This is a partial repeal of representative government!” With these words, Bill Wilson of Americans for Limited Government denounced the House GOP for caving in to Obama’s demands for unlimited spending, as they passed HR 325, a bill which ‘suspends’ the debt ceiling until May 19th. As a goad to Harry Reid’s Senate, the bill also threatens to withold pay from members of Congress if a budget is not adopted by April 15th.

As Adam Bitely, Editor in Chief of NetRight Daily, reports:
Harry Reid has said that he will get this measure passed in the Senate and Obama has said he will sign it if the measure comes to his desk. Republicans have suspended the debt ceiling on the hope that Democrats will side with them on adopting a budget that will lead to balance within 10 years–which is incredibly unlikely.

Or, put another way, if Boehner and friends believe this will pressure Obama to cut spending, the New Yorkers have a bridge to sell them! The bill passed 285-144 with the ‘help’ of 86 Democrats, and opposed by 33 members of the shrinking fiscal conservative faction of the house GOP.
Bill Wilson further referred to this cowardly action as “A step towards total capitulation” on the debt ceiling.
Since the Feds are already buying up to 90% of Treasury bonds, this becomes just one more warning signal, urgently flashing in the hope that we pay heed before our currency collapses – See my analysis here.

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