The Principled Conservative Who Is Gradually Building His Position

by Mike

CFIF: ‘After twelve years in Congress as a consistent conservative, Mike Pence will try to implement his ideas as a state chief executive.’

This man has long been one of my favorites.
At an AFP conference in 2009, I considered his speech to be “presidential”, demonstrating both gravitas and conservative principles. About a year later, he delivered a blockbuster speech on the Presidency (video : text) at Hillsdale College – not about himself, but on the meaning and principles of the job of chief executive.
During 2009 and 2010, Pence was a frequent visitor to NH and other primary states, and he spoke at a variety of conservative, TEA party, and Christian events. As the presidential race heated up, Pence clearly reconsidered, and chose to run, instead, for Governor of Indiana, succeeding Mitch Daniels. After the GOP’s 2012 debacle, this looks like an increasingly smart decision to play the long game.
After 12 years in Congress, during which he never betrayed his principles (according to this CFIF article), he is now governor of Indiana. We should watch that space, and see if he remains true to his principles and governs as a conservative.

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