The Lesson From Phil Mickelson

by Steve MacDonald


Did I say Taxes? No, what I meant to say was that my lovely wife…said …she’d like for us to try living…Florida for a few…dozen… years.

Phil Mickelson made some observations about his taxes.   He said they were getting kind of high for his tastes and he might move from California to another state.

The media got in their freight train and ran Phil over.

So what is the lesson for all the other ‘Phil Mickelsons’ who are successful but live in places where the state and federal government are leaving them with less and less and taking more and more?  Take a hint from Nike.

Just do it.  Just move.

Sure, anyone that high profile probably can’t avoid the media forever, and everyone is nosy, so if somebody does ask just say you felt like you needed a change.  Some new scenery.  I know it’s not your sport but punt.  It’s your money and none of their damn business.  And then you won’t get run down in the street like a mangy dog just for thinking you deserve to keep more of what you earn.

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Bienvenu au Noveau Hampshire!

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Cant rememba, i was only there for a year, does Cow Hamsters have State tax? I liked living in Texas for a couple years. No state sales tax and you could shoot anybody that came on your property for almost any reason!!

      • C. dog e. doG

        Pretty much the same in New Hamsters rite now, but the do zing businesses owners, have sales taxes not called sales taxes, and a super-duper real estate tax that includes mobile domicile R/E a/k/a your car. With the libtards back in the driver’s seat, we are preparing for a very, very bumpy ride the next two years. If only Texas were about 500 miles north.
        – C. dog plinking bureaucrats for food and sport

        • Chris P. Bacon

          oh yeah, i remember that. At least in MA MA land i remembuh sales tax on used cars (not here in AZ from a private party), and a lot for tags and insurance and all those emmisions tests!! Yuck. We have no emmisions except in the greater Phoenix and Tucson metro areas and my 08 F150 costs me $50. a month for full coverage including theft and glass, and under $100 a year for tags (registration). Course i have heard from ex employees that unemployment is only $225 a week, so that sucks i guess. I do still have some friends in MA. and they say that unemployment there is over $500 a week. I know a couple who just stayed on it for almost two years as it was more then they could make going back to work. Good stuff. Goind to go out on the deck now and smoke a fatty so my neighbors on either side can smell it (both cops, gotta love the MMJ card), and then i am going to hop on the quad and go blast the crap out of some stuff with my buddies WW2 30 call water cooled machine gun. Should be fun. Live free or what? You mentioned real estate tax too. i never owned a home back east but my cabin in the mountains is worth about $175K in todays market and my property tax is $800 a year.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Curse you, Crispy! The land of crAZy sounds less restrictive than New Hamsters. And having watched that homage to sheer fire power for no particular purpose at all performed at Big Sandy, seems the “unregulated militia” there has all the firepower they need to protect their borders. Congrats. And enjoy that fatty, but it may be hell on your girlish figure if you are within reach of snack food instead of your fish fertilized veggies.
            – C. dog

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Well, I am in a little funk right now I must admit. The sun has been gone for 4 days and it rained at least 4 hours each of the days. I have been here since 96 and had never even seen 4 cloudy days in a row. I can’t really rememba seeing 4 cloudy/rainy days in the same month!! Aquaponics greenhouses are doing great. Love the fresh home grown in the middle of the winta. Recently added a vertical garden on the north wall of one of the greenhouses. Will be doing another video soon. freakin Milby got back on TH again!! They keep booting him but he gets back. The wife knows how I could but she will not tell me how. I wish we could get back on there under sudonims, or at least use fake names. Latta.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Crispy –
            I’ve contemplated trying to reenter the orbit of Tree Huggie’s Mommy Earth, but have come to the conclusion it wouldn’t be fun because they would delete all our best material and just boot us off again. Life is too short to waste on potted plants! That said, I would love to spar with some of the less frontal-lobed impaired that used to frequent that Blobfest (don’t know if they still do), and would hope they would entertain the possibility of doing so here when the subject matter is not too provincial.

            By the way, that’s why they passed medicinal pots in crAZy Land, for when it rains on your parade for days in a roe.
            – C. dog dyslexically diagnosed a pot remedy for his mental illness

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Well i got Coati Boy to post a request today to Milby asking he email me so i can ask him how he does it. I doubt he will though cuz i was always making fun of Mormons and i think he wears magic underoos.

            Hey, No making fun of the dislexic. As you know, being a dislexic, agnostic, insomniac keeps me awake every night wondering if there really is a dog. Now, thanks to you, i just wonder why 🙂

            I think if we behaved ourselves they would let us stay. C’mon man, it was a blast. What got us into twuble was our sexual inu and does. As hard as it may be, you behave yourself well over here, so i think it is possible for both of us.

            Sheesh, what a tranie of thought process that answer was!!

          • C. dog e. doG

            But that was the best parts! Come to think of it, you were quite the bad influence on me with all the double entendrés, inuits, and things barely left unsaid. It’s all your fault! Thanks, Crispy, you freed up some of my time to focus on trying to keep the more wayward among the Republican Clan on the meandering path to Freedomstan, NH. (look it up, it’s where Mr. Swett goes to get his freak on) Now see what you just done to me there, Crispy, I mighta just stepped over the sideline while streaking toward the end zone. Too bad tommy brady didn’t do a little more streaking, but that’s another story of failed mission.
            – C. dog chasing snow pellets

          • Chris P. Bacon

            JHC, ima LMAO!! You havn’t made me crack up like that since TH days. I was the bad influence on you? Cmon MAN!! We both have a one twack mind, and you know it. All this ancillary jocularity that we indulge in is just to keep us from completely loosing our cookies!! The little woman was a mormon for years and was so frusterated by the neutered single men at at all the events and told me how much she wished for a little more aggression. Now for the last 10 years it’s like Quest For Fire around here. I told her the chinese have a saying: Beware what you wish for. See what you did to me there Dog? I stepped over the line!! (just wanted to show you how retarded that sounded)!! Forward to Tweehugga i say!!

          • C. dog e. doG

            Call me if you succeed in re-entering the land of Moonbats and Chicken Little. There’s somefin’ deliciously naughty about a pinprick deflating their rarified hot-air balloon … Mommy Earth only 0.5º hotter than she was 100 years ago, and holding steady.
            – C. dog recalibrating thermo-meters to make them larger than they appear in rear-view mirror

          • Chris P. Bacon

            “Call me”. Call you what, when and where? All i know is you live in a state shaped like a busted carving of a cucumber!! I can email you as i was lucky enough to get that. Too bad, you never got your “Freedom Isn’t As Freedom Dosn’t” t shirt i made you. If Milby contacts me and i am sucksessfull i will inform you of said sucksess. The little woman knows how, but she wont tell me!! Curses!! I have read her some of your stuff and she thinks you’re qwite brilliant (dont even think it, damn, too late).

          • C. dog e. doG

            You are as incorrugatible as ever. And I did think it … I think.

            I’m making my way back to full throttle, now that the lib malaise is waring off. And busted carving of a cucumber? Someone’s been in the hemp patch too long. Speaking of which, I dun herd on another NH bilbo bloggin that a hemp bill stands a good chance of working it’s way through the New Hamster exercise wheel. Wunders of wunders! Another peace o’ cake for the plebes! But Nanny still gets a mighty exercised if it’s laced with THC … but remember to buy all the alcohol you can stomach at the nearest Statie Store! Cheers!
            – C. dog on rabbinical sabbatical

          • Chris P. Bacon

            i made a new aquaponics video and put it on youtube under aquaponicspauly today, if you are interested enough to stop cleaning yourself.

  • Ed Naile

    When dealing with Kalifornia you have to move your assets out slowly to another state of they will haunt you for them.
    Move bank accounts to American states, sell off any tangible assests quietly, close on the hous and any other property, then on the way out, sell the car.
    Or they will get ya.


    You mean Phil Mickelson, spokesman for ENBREL? Somehow, I don’t feel too bad for ole’ Phil . . . I think he’ll be just fine. I mean, he’s got BIG PHARMA on his side.

    • C. dog e. doG

      But he could be ~ 10 to 20% better by moving to Florida or New Hamsters, and even better moving to some haven like the full Monty Carlo, and irony of all ironies, Momma Ruska.
      – C. dog just can’t make this kinda stuff up

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