The Lesson From Phil Mickelson

by Steve MacDonald


Did I say Taxes? No, what I meant to say was that my lovely wife…said …she’d like for us to try living…Florida for a few…dozen… years.

Phil Mickelson made some observations about his taxes.   He said they were getting kind of high for his tastes and he might move from California to another state.

The media got in their freight train and ran Phil over.

So what is the lesson for all the other ‘Phil Mickelsons’ who are successful but live in places where the state and federal government are leaving them with less and less and taking more and more?  Take a hint from Nike.

Just do it.  Just move.

Sure, anyone that high profile probably can’t avoid the media forever, and everyone is nosy, so if somebody does ask just say you felt like you needed a change.  Some new scenery.  I know it’s not your sport but punt.  It’s your money and none of their damn business.  And then you won’t get run down in the street like a mangy dog just for thinking you deserve to keep more of what you earn.

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