Staphylococcus at NH Journal?

by Steve MacDonald

Has NH Journal developed a Staff Infection?

Has NH Journal developed a “Staff” Infection?

NH Journal appears to have developed the flesh eating variety of the “staph” infection, and it looks serious.  It has already claimed someone’s balls.

The castrated scribbler in question–see also “Staff Reporter”–has written a nifty little attack piece in which they observed that Jack Kimball had endorsed Andrew Hemingway for NH-GOP Chairman.

The endorsement is no surprise. Many of Kimball’s few remaining supporters – including Joe Barton, a man he called his “black opps guy” – have backed Hemingway for weeks.

Thank the Lord they quote John DiStaso in advance of that gem or we’d have to wonder if the NHJ mystery reporter was just making it up like that secret meeting that NH Journal invented back in late October with Kimball and some named “remaining followers.”  Once you start making news so you can report it, everyone has to question everything you publish, even when the by-line is from such a well known and respected journalist as Staff Reporter.

We’ll, we hope that “Staff Reporter” (or should I say Staph Reporter) can scrounge up some antibiotics.  Too much “staph” reporting can cause your “few remaining readers” to fall off and seek their Internet amusements elsewhere.

Or maybe its not an infection at all.  What if the cuckolds at NHJ haven’t figured out a way to go ask the New Hampshire’s Establishment Republicans if they can have their testicles back?

Well how about this?  The next time you are bending the knee, offer to trade them the extra ‘p’ you put in ‘Black opps’ in exchange for returning your balls.  The last time I checked the proper abbreviation for “operations” was “ops.’  (NHJ is ever so concerned about spelling after all.)

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Steve –
    Laughed early, laughed often. You’re really on your down-under game, especially the overhead slam. Glad Skip gave you a papal dispensation in order to fight yellow-snow journalism with appropriate fire power.

    By the way, I’ve always been confused about the cuckold thing: who’s the cuckolder and who’s the cuckoldee, using Papa Smerf and the staph reporter as examples, and whether the former is assuming female of male persona? Yes, these are the weird things that one ponders when the out-the-door temperature is below 0ºF.
    – C. dog pondering big thoughts between bouts of jocularity

    • nhsteve

      A Cuckhold is typically the husband of a cheating wife but I see that as having a broader meaning to include a spineless inability to stand up in the face of an obvious injustice to the principles at hand.

      NHJ could defend the platform or the principles, or they could toe the establishment line…they seem to prefer the latter. Since they appear “married” to that Idea, rather than just say they are ‘whipped’ I figured cuckold would do.

      I think the principles matter more than anything else and to that point we might add this…

      The word cuckold may have been derived from the phrase “Wearing the horns of a cuckold,” at least according to Wikipedia. The horn metaphor seemed an apt tie in; is there a willingness there (for their preferred candidate) to hew to party principles or will there be some “cheating.”

  • Didn’t you know at NHJ all those folks are the smartest guys in the room? Its not a matter of mispelling “opps” its a mater uf reduffineing tha comon speling. like “opperations” or opperayshens

  • I don’t believe I’ve publicly endorsed Andrew so much as I advocated against Horn…

  • I actually thought they were eunuchs or castrati

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