Special Election – Nashua New Hampshire Ward 4

by Steve MacDonald

Special-Election Nashua Ward 4 Hillsborough 31

Special-Election Nashua Ward 4 Hillsborough 31

Nashua Ward 4 (Hills 31) will hold a special election for an open New Hampshire House seat on February 19th.  This is the seat vacated by Stacie Laughton after she resigned the seat when information about a past felony conviction surfaced.  Laughton had expressed a desire to run again but has since dropped out, eliminating the need for a primary.

The special general election is scheduled for Feb. 19 with Democrat Pam Brown, of 2 Clocktower Place, Apt. 209, squaring off against Republican Elizabeth VanTwuyver, of 9 Pine Hill Ave.

In 2001, the city held a similar special election in the same ward, in which about 400 people turned out to vote, said Bergeron. “I don’t anticipate there will be more this time,” he said, predicting a low turnout at the polls next month.

It will be interesting to see what if any effort is made by the GOP to capture this seat.  I am told it is a strong Democrat district but have not chased the numbers down for this post.  But any seat they win makes a difference.


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