So, what’s the reaction been to the gun grabbers? Lots!

by Skip

Once the horror of the tragedy of Sandy Hook set in, the two sets of folks I figured would appear right away, did.  The gun grabber group are certainly not letting a crisis / tragedy go to waste – tomorrow, the Chiefest one will be unveiling the details of her legislature tomorrow (via her past declarations) that is an effective confiscation (even if it is as long as the time it takes you to die – consider it the 100% estate tax on your heirs).  She, and those like her, believe they are rulers over us, instead of employees for us.

The other group are those folks that have declared “We are free men – and we are voting with our dollars that should be sending a message”:

The FBI is reporting a record 2.8 million background checks for gun purchases in December – following the deadly Connecticut school shootings that prompted lawmakers to call for tighter gun control.

The December number exceeds the record 2 million checks in November, according to the agency’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

The December number also marks a 49 percent increase over December 2011, when the record was set at 1.9 million checks, according to the agency, which started the programs in 1998 as part of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.

All over NH, record numbers of gun sales are being reported as well.  I do wonder if the Dems / Progressives here in NH are taking careful note – or, once again, taking a dismissive attitude for those that have decided “leave us alone”?


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