So, putting armed personel in schools was a wacko idea?

by Skip

So, NRA Executive VP Wayne LaPierre was crucified for his suggestion for adding more armed folks in schools (even as 1/3 of American schools already had such)?  Gee, what a different a month makes; at today’s Presidential Presser (you know, the one with kids as Progressive stage props?):

18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers.

So your reaction was based on what, President Obama, when the NRA first suggested armed personnel in schools? Oh, yeah….

This is, what, a NEW idea?  Oh, I see….

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    This is a perfect example of how our partisan media does us no favors by politicizing everything. The facts are this:

    1) Wayne LaPierre said we should have more armed guards in schools.

    2) Barack Obama said we should have more armed guards in schools.

    If you’re merely giving us the news – these two facts would suffice.

    But NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Rachel Maddow last night brought this up as a cudgel to beat up on the right. She surmised that all their whining about “Obama’s a tyrannical leader who’s gonna take our guns away and we should impeach him ‘cuz he’s not following the constitution” is b.s. and that they should shut up because the facts show that Obama liked LaPierre’s more guns in school idea.

    Now you guys are using the same two facts above as a cudgel to beat up on the left because they’re hypocrites for chasting LaPierre and then praising Obama for essentially the same thing.

    Putting your own ideological spin on these two facts might be more “fun.” But it does nothing to further a dialogue or solve a tough issue. This is what’s wrong with our country.

    • Chris P. Bacon

      pick your source….the “information” is handled in the same way, only the subject matter changes. Chicken Little’s reign supreme everywhere cuz fear is what sells. Big fun for everyone!! Or not, i’m fine either way 🙂

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