Second Amendment Chicago slap down…

by Tom

Second Amendment fever is spreading like wildfire…even into the sanctum of Chicago-area Democrat meetings.

“Molon Labe”, my friends, and enjoy (watch until the end).


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  • I am grateful for my fellow veteran speaking up!

  • C. dog e. doG

    Thanks, Tom. It’s fun to watch an egghead go splat against the proverbial boot of such a well-spoken vet. As usual, the mealy-mouthed prof tries to run from his clearly derogatory insinuations once a little heat is applied to his candy å$$.

    This vet gets it, has it, and should seek office (assuming he wants to tarnish his brand with a bunch of whiney pols). Better yet, I hope he moves to New Hamster to run for Govna’ so this “state” can finally grow a pair. Unless, of course, Rick or another Grokster wants to take the stand.

    Separate Fi! Liberty in our lifetime, otherwise, what are we talking about … Star Trek?
    – C. dog

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