Scumbag Piers Morgan At It Again!

by Rick Olson

“A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.” —Bill Cosby 

That Wanker Piers Morgan is at it again. He berates Sheriff Clarke. Clearly, Piers again injects a disarmed UK paradigm on American Citizens…Is there nobody that can put this arse in his place? Knock him off that high horse. Sick of this guy! He should go back tot he UK.

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  • Dave

    Other than far left dipshits, does anyone even watch this moron?

    • Chris P. Bacon

      He’s just playing his part in the Big Show Dave. Dave….Dave……Dave’s not here!!

      • C. dog e. doG

        He just got a gig on the Truman Show playing Fire Marshall Bill.
        – C. dog chasing figments of other people’s imaginations

        • Chris P. Bacon

          for some reason this story is giving me flashbacks to Blazing Saddles. What in the wide wide world a sports is a goin’ on here? I’m payin you boys to lay some track, not dance around like a bunch of Kansas City (m)aggots!!

          • C. dog e. doG

            Hmmmm, interesting. Weird how reality t.v. merges with fake t.v.. Well, just so long as it’s on t.v., that’s what counts!
            – C. dog

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Oh boy…you didn’t get that one. Black Sherriff….blazing saddles….never mind.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Oh, I got it Mr. Crispy, and was building on your pyramid of inanity by throwing a jab at the confluence of t.v. fiction and t.v. reality in Amerika’s haute couture. On that subject, have you seen Jim Carrey in The Truman Show? And for extree credit, connect that to Socraté’s cave pictures.
            – C. dog painting in faint, broad strokes

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Goodness Mr. DOG, sometimes you stretch this limited intilect of mine more then i expect. I did see the Truman Show. When i saw it i thought about how creepy our facination with everyone’s lives but our own is. Now with “reality” tv, the Truman Show has practically arrived.

            My contention of course is the line between reality and fiction has disappeared, assuming it ever was there to begin with, hence one of my other names over at TH “itsallanillusion”.

            This species seems so ill equiped to deal with even the most rudementaty parts of the life experience.

            It all goes along with my latest t-shirt. “Dear God, Next time, take a month.”

          • C. dog e. doG

            LMfAO again. I luv that T-shirt! I think you have found your calling, my sun. Remember to get hot chicks to promote them to the testosterone-challenged. Seems to work for beer and chips.

            My darkest suspicion is that the vast majority of culture is to mask what’s underneath, which ain’t much; we come in naked, we go out dead. What happens in between should be left up to you, unless you engage without permission.
            – C. dog Confucius most of the time

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Ah yes, confucius, one of my 3 favorite dudes.

            Confucious for how we deal with each other.
            Buddha for how we deal with ourselves.
            Lao Tzu for how we deal with everything else (the world/universe around us).

            Good stuff.

          • Scott Morales

            LOLOL Dear, Mr Chris P, that is one funny a$$ T-shirt.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Thanks, i have a bunch of them. My latest is the Mary Jane leaf colored in with the US Flag pattern with the huge word: FWEEDOM!! I call in my WA., CO. special edition.

            Hozabout: “Religions don’t kill people, crazy people with religion kill people”. Or: “If God’s in control, why so angry”? “Things are never what we project them to be”….”When following the herd be prepared to step in a lot of $4it” “as soon as you realize how much is enough, you will always have it” “if you don’t own it, then it own you” “freedom is being able to find your own answers”, and on of my fav’s that i got from C DOG, “freedom isn’t as freedom doesn’t”

            Fun stuff.

  • Let us be clear. Piers is a ponce and a wanker, and I am ashamed to call him an Englishman. A real Englishman knows where his rights from, and understand the struggle between the citizen ad the rights of kings.
    Sheriff Clarke on the other hand, is a hero, a straight shooter (in all senses of the word), and is the only sheriff in Wisconsin to sign on to uphold the citizens’s right to bear arms.

    • Chris P. Bacon

      What exactly is a “ponce” there Mike? Speak American, wilya? I did do a year at Catholic University in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

      • Simply put, someone who acts in an effeminate manner.
        Put another way, a member of the “New Castrati” as Rush puts it.

        • Chris P. Bacon

          Oh. Whats a “New Castrati”? The last Rush album i got was Moving Pictures, and that was in the early 80’s, so i am kind of out of the Rush loop.

          • Rush Limbaugh, but I love your humor.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Sheesh….i wasn’t even trying to be funny 🙂 I have heard of a Rush Limbaugh. Is that some kind of cheese? I have been 100% media free since the Obama election (the first one). I was raised without TV, so it is never that hard for me. Have never listened to the radio except when i was a kid on Grampa’s farm working in the fields on Sunday listening to Jim Plunkett throw another interception. Having lived and visited all over the western hemisphere i learned from a very young age that media, especially US media, is mostly fabricated. There may be a strand of truth at the core, but most is made up.

            i was actually on CNN in 93 while dealing with some Greenpeace blockaders on the MISS. river while in the USCG. They did a short video that they shot from the banks of the river and i was on the second front page of the Times Picayunne the next morning. Both entities wrote all about what i said and did to the Greenpeace girls. Amazingly, neither CNN or the newspaper ever talked to me or the 4 girls i dealt with.

            Human beings are full of sheite, no mater the source. When we are not making up little stories to tell others we are busy making up stories to tell ourselves.

            To be fair i was looking for a car with high gas mileage cuz between the little woman and i we drive 60K a year and went to TreeHugger where i discovered C DOG who i find hillarious and i followed him here after being kicked of for pissing of the Mod’s over there. So i guess i am not 100% media free.

            I was born In Jamaica, but a year or two after their “independence” so i guess i just missed out on Limey citizenship. Born to US parents i am a citizen, but until recently didn’t think i could be Prez. With recent developements though, i may rethink my future plans 🙂

          • You’re more sensible than the current Prez for sure.

            My error in thinking that most people who end up on this site would have heard of Rush Limbaugh – a radio host with 25M listeners.

            Following C. Dog over here – an indication of your good taste.

            Missing Limey Citizenship – they may have done you a favor (favour), since they became a socialist hellhole (with brief respite due to Thatcher) long before the USA started going downhill.

            Since you’re here, and we love your handle, welcome to the Grok, and please join us in the fight to save the Republic.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            “You are more sensible than the current Prez for sure.” Sheesh…that’s an English compliment if i ever herd one 🙂 I know about those, my Gramma was a Tunstall, and only a few generations removed from the great bishop.

            Good luck with saving the republic. I am well over halfway through my fifth piece of an eight piece pizza pie i call life. My fight’n days are over.

          • granitegrok

            ” I am well over halfway through my fifth piece of an eight piece pizza pie i call life. My fight’n days are over.”

            Depends on your definition of fight’n. I have never, nor could I now fight with bullets, helmet, boots, and rifle for this country as I, too, am on that 5th slice. I could never have kept up with the Youngest while he served in the 101st Airborne.

            But I, and the other Groksters, are part of that “101st Fighting Keyboards” that help to wage the war of ideas and principles! Praise the Lord and pass the pixels….

          • C. dog e. doG

            Ah, Skip, don’t forget to purchase your necessities and niceties via the beautiful black market; it’s custom made for Freedomstan.
            – C. dog

          • You’re right – that was too close to “damning with faint praise”! Please accept apology, and do keep on chipping in 🙂

          • C. dog e. doG

            Only you would reduce your life to a flippin’ pizza! I luv it. Don’t forget to flush with home-brew beer for the tax-free wunder of it all!
            – C. dog

          • DanDruff6666

            Not just any pizza Sir Pero Loco, a COMBINATION PIZZA.

          • C. dog e. doG

            LMfAO out of da ballpaaak kinda stuff Crispy. Extra Bacon for el Prez!

            I too listened to many an interception thrown, but it was at the hands of another Grate Patriot: Drew Bledsoe.

            By the way, have you deployed my hyper-miling techniques yet? Save gas, not lives: coast to victory!
            – C. dog

          • DanDruff6666

            No on the hyper milling. The little woman says i shouldn’t be doing anything with the word “hyper” in it. Plus the honda Civic Hybrid does pretty good mileage on it’s own.

            Went shooting the Mosin Nagant this morning. Blew about 100 rounds through an old Earth stove…

            When the wife gets home with the Civic i am going to lie on my tummy and have her park it on my shoulder to try and get it to go back where it was before i took that beast out.

            Hi Jerry Dog, did you know the Mosin Nagant killed more people in WW2 when it had a scope on it then all other sniper rifles combined?

            Don’t know if you’re familiar with the 9130, but do a google search for “Mosin Nagant Humor” on google. (Sheesh, that was redundant).

            I made this new name to try and sneak on Treehuggies and do some sniping, now i can’t get back to my real name!!

            -cpb- thick sliced and maple flavored

          • C. dog e. doG

            I need one of those tree diagrams to keep track of all your manifestations – remember, it less about evolution, and more about change. We’re knot here to tie you up in judgements.

            And I thought you drove some kinda manly p-up truck thingy, I would hope with schtick shift and not sum girly automatic that you can never find the right gear, and don’t know what to do with once you dun found it. If so, “try this one trick to save hundreds of dollars on your gasoline purchases”: next time you’re driving down the steep rode to Perdition – ah, Phoenix – shift into neutral, and for extra pop, turn off ignition. You will now be in pure coast mode like a go-cart, but have all your key faculties about you: steering (manual) and brakes but they will convert to non-power after so many pumps. To re-power brakes and steering, just put it in gear. And to reignite, just do a standard jump-start. You safe plenty of Benjamins, soldier boy! And no cell-phones, you gotta pay attention to all the other loozahs.
            – C. dog sharing his wealth of nawledge with deer friends

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Good God your cheap. I thought i was bad. I do have a manly pick up twuck, but it has an automajic cuz it’s hard to seperate oreo cookies to get to the yummy creamy center if you have to keep shifting. Plus to get from my mountain retweet to the Valley i would have to shift about a zillion times going up and down all the mountains.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Why you emasculated transplanted hothouse fleur-de-lis (look it up in Wiki, it’s not a complement!). Where you see mountains, I see opportunity to coast to the finish line. Where you see cheap, I see a thrifty opportunity to reduce my gift to the A-rabs by one-third. Remember, it takes a mountain man to climb a mole-hill.
            – C. dog stretching his wallet for beer money

          • Chris P. Bacon

            I actually was popping the twany in newtral when gas was really expensive, but both vehicles have automatics so i began wondering if the strain on the tranny putting it back in drive at 75MPH would off set what i saved in gas.

            Anyway, short day BS’ing today. Doing tweetments with that magic machine i was telling you about. My most interesting patient has Parkinsons. Hoping to have her all betta in the next 90 days. She is really bad, but not in a wheel chair yet.

            I don’t charge people for the tweetments which really blows their minds. There are probably 300 people in the world doing this and besides my wife and i there is only one other guy doing it for free. If either one of us gives up our current biz to do this we will have to charge at that point. It is so amazing watching people get betta. They are just so grateful. They cannot stop thanking you and all i can think is “i should be thanking you”. Anyway, hope to use this doohicky at my future ranch for Vets that we will be teaching construction trades to.


          • C. dog e. doG

            Later for now, Bacon Boy. Keep up the good works. And I wouldn’t shift a girly automatic into neutral going 75 cuz you might pop a rod when you shift er back in gear. Been to central PA recently? They have lots of funny sounding towns and villages appertaining thereto in order to keep this adult themed, kid friendly 🙂
            – C. dog can barely restrain himself

        • C. dog e. doG

          Or as an ill-kept mutt often puts it, well, really it was Shakespeare: “an antic, lisping fantastico.”
          – C. dog

          Chris P. Bacon

          • You should listen to Mark Steyn’s (Rush Limbaugh Show) commentary on December 26 regarding Piers Morgan. Its epic… ( sorry for the late reply…I am challenged with Osteo-Arthritis)

          • C. dog e. doG

            Thanks Rick for the heads up. I’m a big fan of Steyn, when I can understand all his double-knot fancy references and $10 words. Wish he had his own radio program with you guys blasting from southern NH to the White Mtns in the north, and deep into hostile territory to the south. Think of all the beer, booze, and cigs you could advertise!
            – C. dog

  • Pierced Organ as I call him needs a bloody nose. Gonna happen live one day I’m sure

    • Chris P. Bacon

      Maybe Jeraldo Riviera could do the honors.

  • Pete

    We don’t want him back…

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