“Remember When Ray Buckley Handed Craig Benson a Person of the Year Award”

by Steve MacDonald

Bipartisanship: When a Democrat lets a Republican do something no Democrat would ever do in Return.

Candidate for NH-GOP Chairman Jennifer Horn is slated to hand (now ex) Governor John Lynch the Salvation Army’s Person of the Year Award in February.  If she is elected to the position she will be giving the award–to a Democrat Governor who overturned parental notification, passed RGGI, lied about Gay Marriage, approved the LLC and tent tax, and grew government while signing into law a series of massive irresponsible budgets that left us with an 800 million dollar deficit (to name but a few)…as the sitting chair of the party that ostensibly opposes these things.

I’m not suggesting Mr. Lynch does not deserve it or that citizen Horn could not bestow it upon him, but would New Hampshire Democrat State Party Chairman Ray Buckley ever give anything to a Republican Governor other than a decent opponent in a re-election campaign after two years worth of a “hard time?”


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