Painting A Picture About Machine Guns

by Rick Olson

In every age the vilest specimens of human nature are to be found among demagogues.” Thomas Babington Macaulay

Grok Writer Rick Olson fires the Smith & Wesson M76 submachine gun produced from 1967 to 1974. A copy of the Swedish Carl Gustav M45, S&W produced these for Covert Operations troops when Sweden refused to sell them to the U.S. during the Viet Nam war.

New Hampshire has most machine guns per capita in the country” declared the Sunday Headline of Foster’s Daily Democrat.  Foster’s Jim Haddadin writes,

“The number of automatic weapons in New Hampshire increased dramatically after 2010, according to federal firearms records, although it remains unclear whether the growth is being driven by civilians, law enforcement or the military.”

Personally, I think Haddadin gave fair treatment to this topic, given the spotty information the BATFE provides.

It cannot be said that the headline will not be subject to demagoguery by the anti-gun left.  That is an observation, not a criticism of Fosters. When I went to get a haircut yesterday, an older fellow was talking about the story, characterizing New Hampshire Gun Owners as, “just plain nuts.” So there is an anecdotal example of  taking the headline out of context.

My friend Lars Högblom, a manufacturer, told Fosters,  “he suspects the number of registered machine guns in the state has been driven by new machine guns being registered at manufacturing facilities around the state…”

New Hampshire also hosts the following manufacturers:

In the context of the debate on gun control and the Newtown Massacre, It is important that we, the shooting community, educate people with respect to the nuances of firearms, the myths, the realities, the process and the facts of ownership, control and laws.  Folks like Ralph Demicco, Lars Högblom, Evan Nappen, Penny Dean need our help to make certain that people are clear about firearms. Lets make sure we get educated, get informed and be capable of rationally and knowledgably explaining.

Do not let the demagogues take this headline out of context.


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  • Ed Naile

    I have a friend who has a mahicne gun license less than three miles away south and another about seven mile north.
    We can hear the one in town when the wind is blowing our way – unless that is another one.
    One guy has pop up targets where he pulls a rope and the steel plates you just knocked down spring right back.
    We also shoot a high quality .22 target fifle with the unrememberable German name at the same type plates. He gave me the gun to try and I popped all ten firts time.
    He said try that again. I hit eight – shoulda stayed with the first volley and let him think I am gifted.
    Have fun.

  • Tim from Nashua

    New Hampshire has the highest per capita alcohol consumption too!
    We’re #1! We’re #1!

    • C. dog e. doG

      Very clever, Clarice … I think.
      – C. dog

  • Ed Naile


    No matter what study, they all go like this:
    They take the total amount of beer sold divided by the amount of people.

    1.New Hampshire
    > Per capita consumption: 43.0 gallons
    > Total consumption: 41,994,894 gallons (13th lowest)
    > Pct. change in consumption ’03-’11: -1.8% (6th highest)
    > Pct. binge drinkers: 18.7% (21st highest)
    > Population density: 147.2/sq. mile (21st highest)

    So though it would be a wonderfull badge of foamy honor to be the biggest beer drinkers in America fact is in NH we are are biggest beer SELLERS.

    It is called the NH Advantage.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Ed –
      If not mistaken, methinks this was where Clever Clarice was going with his perhaps cryptic post. Could be wrong, though.
      – C. dog

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