Once There Was This “Republican…For Seven Years”

by Rick Olson

“The road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards.” Alexander Jablokov

Once upon a time, There was this Filthy rich Democrat who aspired to public office. Not just any public office, but Mayor for the city of New York. So in 2001 this filthy rich Democrat changed his party affiliation to “Republican” and ran for mayor at the tail end of Rudolph Guiliani’s term.

Off went this filthy, rich Democrat-turned-Republican, spending $73 Million to defeat Herman Badillo for the Republican nomination and outspending Democrat Mark J. Green 5 to 1, to purchase his place in history for that princely sum.

And oh, how the Republicans celebrated and cheered! Another Republican at the helm of the big apple! Hooray for us! Party hacks could be heard far an wide, lauding this victory as one for the team.

This Massachusetts native was now the Mayor of America’s largest city. This filthy, rich Democrat-turned-Republican, has fulfilled his personal desire. And, in 2005 he won again as a Republican. All politics is cyclical and the sentiments of the day turned to Democrats. Understandably so. With a Republican party full of squishy, luke-warm, moderate-minded and liberal-progressive Republicans, the leap wasn’t actually a big one.

Bloomberg ditched Republicans in 2007, registering as an, “Independent.” Good timing as Republicans were routed in 2008. Running for a third term as Mayor in 2009, Bloomberg then campaigned to ditch law on term limits for the Mayoral office.  Heck! Why not? he can do pretty much what he wants. He is the tenth richest person in America.

And it cannot be said that Bloomberg does not follow the progressive conventions of the day. The Mayor of the Big Apple ditched his marriage in 1993 and currently lives with his current “squeeze,” former NY Banking  Superintendent Diana Taylor.

And his personal repertoire would be “sans replete” without some personal controversy. Having been accused in 1997 of sexually harassing women in his employment, Bloomberg denied the allegations….Naturally. 

And as a token showing that Bloomberg knows and is in touch with the little people, He proudly tells how he rides the New York Subway to work from his 79th Street home to his office at City Hall.  But naturally that notion was called into question in a 2007  New York Times story that asserted that Bloomberg had been frequently seen chauffeured by two NYPD-owned SUV’s in an effort to avoid having to change from the local to the express trains on the Lexington Avenue line.

Enlisting the help of his Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief Matthew Winkler, Bloomberg wrote an autobiography called, “Bloomberg by Bloomberg” New York Times’ Michael Barbaro wrote in 2008:

Then there was the issue of immodesty. Mr. Bloomberg’s friends said he was worried that the book’s boastful tone might rub voters the wrong way, especially as the city’s economy begins to sour. (Mr. Bloomberg’s first book, a breezy look at his days on Wall Street and as the founder of Bloomberg L.P., was not known for its humility. Its title: “Bloomberg by Bloomberg.”)

But Bloomberg is all about wanting to be loved and revered. And he has the money to command the ass-kissing he craves, and the “up-sucking he commands. IN 2011 for example,  The Chronicle of Philanthropy says his charitable giving was $311 million. That kind of money buys a huge amount of ass-kissing and up-sucking.

The sucking up comes in droves for Bloomberg, much of it in hopes of a quid pro quo or to express gratitude for his lining the coffers. In 2007, Bloomberg gave a commencement address for Tufts University and was awarded an honorary degree in Public Service. The same year he delivered a commencement address at Bard and was awarded an honorary doctoral degree in Humane Letters (as opposed to inhumane ones, I suppose).  2008 brought him an honorary doctorate of laws from the University of Pennsylvania, and at Barnard College, he received the Barnard Medal of Distinction, the College’s highest honor. With all of this sucking up, its a small wonder there is any air left for the rest of the human population. The accolades know no end.

Finally, the whopper that gave me the most amusement was when Bloomberg asked  approximately how much a presidential campaign would cost. Jay Carney (Now White House Obama mouthpiece) reported that a staffer replied, “Around $500 million.” A Washington Post article, asserted that, “A $500 million budget would allow Bloomberg to circumvent many of the common obstacles faced by third party candidates seeking the White House.” 

Michael Bloomberg cares nothing for this country, its people or anything that does not feed his ego, enhance his resume and his public standing. He is an egocentric bastard, drunk on his own power…deluded into thinking he has the money and the political horsepower to  enforce his narrow-minded world view on the rest of the population.  Bloomberg is a user…a political manipulator that purchases loyalties of the shallow-minded progressives and like minded liberals. He buys off nearly everybody that opposes him. A modern-day tin horn, we will be hearing from him in a very big way from his Mayors against Illegal guns…a shill for disarming America. More to come.

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