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by Skip

On the idea that if the imagery is embraced and used by Progressives, why can’t we who are Pro-Life do the same?

Biden actually said: “There is nothing that has pricked the consciousness of the American people (and) there is nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter more than the image people have of little 6-year-old kids riddled – not shot, but riddled, riddled – with bullet holes in their classroom.”

Like it’s all a matter of the capacity to visualize gore.

If we picture a bloody mincemeat of fetuses, then do we get to take away abortion rights?

– Ann Althouse, law professor and blogger

One of the best political lines I have ever heard was this from Doug Lambert:

“I am willing to give up the death penalty for convicted killers if you will give up the killing of totally innocent unborn babies.


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