NH Police Chiefs Have a Gun Raffle To Raise Money

by Rick Olson

“If we try to engineer outcomes, if we overturn tradition to make everyone the same, we ruin society. If we upset tradition to allow for an equal shot at the starting gate, everyone wins, except for the charlatans and would be dictators…” Ben Stein

Not being a fan of the New Hampshire Association of Chief’s of Police, I now find myself in a peculiar position defending them…Narrowly and singly on this issue, of course. The Chiefs will hold a raffle….”31 days of Guns,” in May, drawing one winner each day.

 Gun Raffles are nothing new in the Granite State. Two organizations I am the leader of  have hosted such gun raffles or “Thirty days of guns,” and the raffles have shown to be lucrative fund raisers for those organizations.

Reliably, the media went fishing for those who would provide an opposing viewpoint, sans balance, in most cases.  Rep. Sharon Nordgren, D-Hanover. told the Valley News,

“You would hope there would be some sensitivity of what the country is going through, whether they agree on gun control or not.”

State Rep. Sharon Nordgren (D) Grafton 12 -Hanover earned an F from the NRA’s Second Amendment grading.

And of course, Claremont Police Chief Alex Scott and Hanover Chief Nick Giaccone expressed discomfort with the raffle. 

The NHACOP, in  having this raffle, anunciates its’  hybridization, rife with those very vocal chiefs, not from the Granite State, often bringing with them community policing values and viewpoints that lacks consideration, understanding or cultural respect for the Granite State. When we hear from the Chiefs, one can almost tell whether such speaker is a native son or not. A significant number of New Hampshire’s current Chief’s come from places where restrictive Gun Control rules the day.

I find considerable irony in a viewpoint that raffles, gun shows and events involving firearms lack sensitivity to the Newtown Connecticut Massacre.  Somehow, this convention exists that people who own guns don’t care about the loss of those children. Somehow, the viewpoint proliferated by the anti-gun cadre suggests we gun owners live in a different vacuum of life where families, children, grandchildren are simply not valued, while complaining that we are rank polemics.

All the while, those who say such things are out there with diarrhea of the mouth, scrambling…pimping themselves to any new reporter, media hack or leftist anti-gun blogger, ensuring their viewpoint is know far, vast and wide to which the vox popluli will know what template to follow.

A cancer within the community of people who support the Second Amendment presently exists where some drink the Kool-Aid, advocating for bans on some firearms, just not the ones they own.  Faux Second Amendment Supporters. Red Herring buz phrases like, “sensible gun policy” and, “reasonable restrictions” are phrases commonly used. So my question then becomes, what of the twenty-thousand gun regulations already on the books in America?

This story grew legs from WCVB-TV and the Boston Globe all the way down to the Stamford (CT) Advocate. Boston Herald quoted “Stop Handgun Violence’s, John Rosenthal in calling the raffle, “absurd.” Other notable publications gave ink to the raffle such as the New York Post and Free Republic.

It is hard to get past all the legislation of recent years where NHACOP came out to restrict certain gun measures in place, while then having a gun raffle. But in defense of NHACOP, they are a diverse bunch with a militant gun control cadre in their ranks, along with Chiefs who grew up here, live here, understand, embrace and accept laws here and the Granite State gun culture as we all know it. This raffle is legal, laws are being followed and to inject Newtown into it, is rank charlatanry.  

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  • Chris P. Bacon

    As a big supporter of the Second Commandment, and the owner of a small arsenal myself, even i, in a testosterone/adrenelin/Buttweiser induced high created from blowing holes in old pellet stove carcas’s with all sorts of fire sticks, would not support a raffle like this. This does more to push the people in the middle of the issue away then to bring them to our way of thinking, and assuming this is a democracy (massive assumption), presenting a cerebral arguement seems like a swell ideer. Switch issues and see how identical the approach to them is on either a left or right leaning web site.

    Chris P Bacon–standing by for kool-aide antidote

  • mer

    Funny I don’t think any of the items on the list are assault rifles.

  • Chris P. Bacon

    Let’s get God back in the schools. Bad stuff didn’t happen in schools until the Libs kicked him out!!

    • simplulo

      American schools are messed up in a lot of ways. Let’s privatize them, and leave education methods as a matter between the schools and their customers.

      • Chris P. Bacon

        I’m all for that. Here’s hoping Haliburton starts a charter school division.

        • simplulo

          You probably said that sarcastically, but I would agree sincerely. I worked 6 years in Germany for a major US defense contractor, to which General Motors Europe outsourced its dealer training. We introduced our military training technology (e.g. computer-based training, distance learning) into the dealerships, increasing the volume of training while lowering costs. Both we and GME were and are under great pressure to innovate; US public schools are free of such pressures, and we see the results: mediocrity and stagnation in an unsafe environment.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Sir, unless i am saying something, i am never sarcastic. Wunder what Haliburton will charge for school lunch?

  • simplulo

    Roughly 40 Americans are murdered every day, making very little news. If State Rep. Sharon Nordgren is concerned about guns or murders? If the latter, she would not be opposing the former. She might want to focus on the who, where, and why, not the how.

    • nhsteve

      That’s not on the party palm card.

  • GuntherSorenson

    Nordgren…looks like “Svanska” not surprising that she is a marxist. or what do you call it? Liberal? avsugning!

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