NH Democrats Laser-Like Focus on Jobs.?…wait…What About That Darn Electoral College Thing First

by Steve MacDonald

NH would disappear into the big northeast bowl of electoral chowderDemocrat Charles Weed has something more important for New Hampshire than that “focus on the  jobs and the economy” narrative they ran on.  It’s called HB 148, and it would take New Hampshire’s votes for president and make them completely meaningless.

HB148 abandons our ability to apportion our state electors for president and lumps our popular vote into an interstate agreement that would make us (electorally) nothing more than a suburb of Boston.  New Hampshire would no longer choose a president.  All of its popular votes would be wiped out by Massachusetts. We would just be a tiny pinch of pepper in a big bowl of chowder.

Why do Democrats want to make your vote for President meaningless in the overwhelmingly liberal northeast?  Wait.  That question answers itself doesn’t it.


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  • It will end in tears – any move to subvert a “first past the post” system on a district by district basis tends toward unstable mob rule in the long run.

    • nhsteve

      But we can go skeet shooting after, yes?

  • Let me get this right:

    Republican controlled legislatures are looking at ways of tying the electors more closely to the congressional voting districts, so as to reflect more closely the will of the people in each district.

    Democrat controller legislatures are still trying to figure out a formula where AlGore would have won.

    For more on this topic, please see where Fred Thompson of all people was advocating “National Popular Vote” and Gov. Sununu dropped in to argue vehemently for the Electoral College, States Rights, and the Tenth Amendment:

  • C. dog e. doG

    Let’s all do our best to make the election of president as inconsequential as possible upon those living in New Hampshire. We can’t control what happens in the other 49 whacky states, but we can at least insist only those residing non-mobilely here be the only ones allowed to vote.
    – C. dog channeling Big Ed

  • Even though I know this point will be promptly and totally refudiated simply by addressing me as “Timmy”, I will say: HB 138 was sponsored by ONE Democrat, Chuck Weed from Keene. He is a maverick state rep who often proposes things which don’t necessarily have universal— or even wide-spread— support amongst his fellow Democrats. It is misleading to attribute this bill collectively to “The Democrats.”

    • C. dog e. doG

      Actually, timmy, that’s a valid point. Just like I don’t like to broad-brush Repubs with what wayward RINO’s propose, not all Dems are lockstep with the more roguish of your lot. That said, Chuckles may be less maverick than you feign. He certainly seems to be mainstream DNC extruded pol to me. Upcoming votes will reveal part of the story, though I’m sure there are many concealed machinations taking place among the Lib pols behind closed doors under the gilded dome on what to do about gun blowback whiplash. Luv to know your twu feelin’s on HB 138.

      By the way, when is it acceptable to attribute somefin’ to the collective, like: we believe in anthro-global warming, or we “cherish” publik education?

      – C. dog, divisible by none

      • IWKAGGP

        Doesn’t matter whether Timmy or C dog are right – this thing will NEVER PASS!! It’s much ado about nothing. It’s a crazy bill that will most likely be killed in committee.

        • C. dog e. doG

          From your pursed lips to God’s ears.
          – C. dog

  • Tim from Nashua

    In other news, BAE to lay off 200 jobs in NH. Thank you O-bah-muhh Economy/ DemocRats!

    Guess that photo-op in September did lots of good, ‘ey Sen. Ayotte?

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