Massachusetts man and his family killed by a Bobcat…

by Tom

Roger Mundell Jr and a Bobcat

This is the byline we would have been writing today, had Roger Mundell Jr. not had a gun…and used it to save himself and his family.

When he opened his garage door, he was savagely attacked by a wild Bobcat, which then went after his nephew, giving him the chance to retrieve his firearm and stop the attack, but not before sustaining severe scratches and bites to his face and body.

Given the viciousness of this animal (and potential rabies) , he would not have been able to kill it with his bare hands, and would have surely lost a family member before he could kill it with a baseball bat, knife, spear, or rock (as in caveman).

In a situation like this, only a gun did the trick.  The gun saved 3 lives.

Liberals often try to paint a picture of an evolved society, led by their enlightenment, yet they want to take away the tools from a man like Mr. Mundell, or you and I, to defend himself and his family, from Bobcats, thugs, drug-dealers, and other bad-seeds lurking in our society.

Well done, Mr. Mundell.

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    Or how ’bout this . . . There most likely would’ve been NO similar headline at all if Massachusetts hadn’t let the liberal animal-rights whackjobs ban trapping all those years ago. Since then there’s been a spate of coyotes – and now bobcats – killing pets, attacking children, attacking adults . . . serves you right Massachusetts!

    My worry is that the animal rights whackjobs will be after authorities to punish this guy for killing an “endangered species.”

  • nhsteve

    Actually, if Maggie Hassan had been there, and it was a Republican Bobcat, she’d beat it with a bat.

    But she (like the government) wasn’t there. Firearm-1 Bobcat-0

    • Ha! Good on Steve…and TRUE

  • LawrenceNative

    Now that Mr Mundell has actually fired his gun in the Bay State his MA gun permit will be revoked.

    • Unfortunately…

    • nhsteve

      Good point. And just wait till the bobcat’s “owners” appear to file a lawsuit over the wrongful death of “their” bobcat.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Tom –
    Where’s the follow up story where we read how the state authorities have placed this gun-owning degenerate into custody for having the temerity to initiate “self-help”?
    – C. dog

  • ubermenschen

    So no one actually died. 2nd amendment propaganda at its best. hurray for dumb ass Americans….

    • granitegrok

      So why do you consider this “propaganda”?

    • Gntp NH

      That’s your reply? “No one actually died”? Go back to your latte…

  • Bhang

    Did a retarded child write this artilce?

  • Loren Miller

    And yet no liberals want to take away, anyone’s right to own and responsibly use a gun, as proved by the fact that this man had access to one in ultra-liberal Massachusetts. It’s either an implied straw man argument, or a slippery slope fallacy. Take your pick. Of course, in early post-Revolutionary America, guns *were* registered with the government, because the Second Amendment was specifically written to establish a defensive militia which included all white, free men above a certain age.

    Just the same, since the Amendment simply states that the “Right to bear arms shall not be infringed”, and doesn’t say which arms, it is clear that not only does this allow me to carry a pistol or AK-47, but that I also have a right to own ANY arms, including nuclear arms. It is my God-given right, as a responsible citizen, to own a nuclear weapon and it says so right there in the Constitution! After all, I AM a responsible citizen, and I can own a nuclear weapon safely and responsibly and only use it on badguys and criminals, and nobody, not even the big bad evil government has a right to stop me!

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