Massachusetts man and his family killed by a Bobcat…

Roger Mundell Jr and a Bobcat

This is the byline we would have been writing today, had Roger Mundell Jr. not had a gun…and used it to save himself and his family.

When he opened his garage door, he was savagely attacked by a wild Bobcat, which then went after his nephew, giving him the chance to retrieve his firearm and stop the attack, but not before sustaining severe scratches and bites to his face and body.

Given the viciousness of this animal (and potential rabies) , he would not have been able to kill it with his bare hands, and would have surely lost a family member before he could kill it with a baseball bat, knife, spear, or rock (as in caveman).

In a situation like this, only a gun did the trick.  The gun saved 3 lives.

Liberals often try to paint a picture of an evolved society, led by their enlightenment, yet they want to take away the tools from a man like Mr. Mundell, or you and I, to defend himself and his family, from Bobcats, thugs, drug-dealers, and other bad-seeds lurking in our society.

Well done, Mr. Mundell.

by Tom

New Hampshire resident. Patriot. Proud to live in a state and country with Constitutions like ours. Disgusted how our governments ignore them. I am determined to help correct that.