Latest feminist word on rape: “Just another bad thing that can happen to you.”

by Tim Condon

Now that American servicewomen can officially be assigned to combat duty—and more likely capture by the enemy—the feminist party line is changing on rape. The old line is that rape the worst possible crime that can ever be committed, “a crime committed by all men against all women” (per feminist icon Susan Brownmiller). Today? No biggie! This from World Net Daily about one American servicewoman captured and raped:

Flight surgeon Rhonda Cornum was sexually assaulted after being taken prisoner in the Persian Gulf War, but didn’t admit it until a year later, despite giving repeated interviews and testifying before a congressional panel.

During the time of her silence, the role of women in combat was heavily debated. By the time she confessed the depths of her torture, the Department of Defense had eliminated the “Risk Rule,” which held that women could not be placed in combat-support units that had “significant risk of capture.”

For Cornum’s part, she accepts the added element of risk facing women in combat as “just another bad thing that can happen to you.”

In an interview with the women’s news network, WeNews, Cornum downplayed her rape.

“While I was subjected to an unpleasant episode of sexual abuse during my captivity,” she said, “it did not represent a threat to life, limb or chance of being released, and therefore occupied a much lower level of concern than it might have under other circumstances.”

Cornum offers pre-deployment advice for female soldiers, recommending
birth-control methods such as the IUD or implants and suggests they be commenced before deployment “to avoid problems for monogamous women whose spouses might not understand the risk issue.”

Well, glad we got that cleared up. The new feminist line is apparently “Rape is no big thing.” You can read the entire World Net Daily article HERE.

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